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Big Data Software Development for MarTech
Big Data Software Development for MarTech

Big Data Software Development for MarTech

We help MarTech companies harness the full potential of big data technologies to build scalable, high-performance marketing solutions; leverage sophisticated data processing to produce actionable insights; and address key marketing challenges in data activation, distillation, and management.

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Xenoss Big Data services for MarTech

Today, MarTech solutions require big data processing and analytics functionality to keep up with demand. Big data capabilities allow you to help your clients find their top-tier deals, make decisions on campaigns and budget, analyze the market situation and so much more. At Xenoss, we offer the full scope of services needed to build a big-data marketing platform.

Data Mining and Data Engineering services - Xenoss

Data mining and data engineering services

Our solutions can detect meaningful patterns in large data sets. This enables marketers to create marketing forecasts, utilize predictive analytics, map customer journey, hyper-target, build data pipelines, or validate data for further processing.

Deploy machine learning algorithms into your software solutions to automate marketing data processing. The Xenoss AI models enable marketers to learn more from their data and gain powerful insights.

Real-time and Predictive Data Analytics - Xenoss

Real-time and predictive data analytics

We create solutions that connect various marketing data points in real-time and allow for predictive modeling. This lets users gather and analyze customer insights faster, improve personalization, and enable hyper-targeting.

Data Integration Services for MarTech - Xenoss

Data integration services for MarTech

Consolidate data from various marketing channels and sources, such as social media, web analytics, DSPs, SSPs, CDPs, and more. We integrate data into a unified and easily manageable warehouse that facilitates for further processing.

Data Visualization and Reporting - Xenoss

Data visualization and reporting

Make understanding of trends and patterns in marketing data more readily available by transforming insights into custom maps, dashboards and charts.

Big Data Strategy - Xenoss

Big data strategy

Get a 360-degree assessment of your current situation from a technical and business standpoint. Leverage carefully crafted big data strategy to ensure choosing the right approach to help you meet your business goals.

Big Data Infrastructure - Xenoss

Big data Infrastructure

Having the right tools for storing, processing and analyzing big data is vital for the success of any big data effort. The Xenoss team will structure your big data architecture and storages in a way that allows for system scalability and maximum efficiency.

Why develop Big Data solutions with Xenoss


Extensive experience building data-centric solutions for MarTech

Gain from our more than decade-long experience helping MarTech companies strengthen their solutions with big data analytics. With Xenoss, you get a team that’s not only familiar with big data development but is also deeply specialized in MarTech. We speak your language and have a solid grasp on the industry ecosystem.

Our approach to building software architecture allows clients to efficiently scale the solution, process load spikes, and handle the increase in data amount while keeping processing times to a minimum.


Tech consulting at every stage

Receive expert consulting from our seasoned MarTech professionals throughout the entire development cycle. From project planning, to development, to deployment and maintenance, our team can act as your technical guide every step of the way.


Mobile DSP pioneers

Xenoss is the team behind the world’s first demand-side platform for mobile advertising. We know how to build and scale top-notch MarTech solutions.


Award-winning AdTech partner

Various independent agencies and industry media have acknowledged Xenoss to be among the top tech partners in the industry, including AdExchanger’s Programmatic Power Players, Techreviewer’s Top Machine Learning companies, AppFutura’s Top Software Development Company, and more.

Want to leverage Big Data solutions development for MarTech platform?

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What our clients say

Picture of David Philippson, CEO & Co-founder, DATASEAT

David Philippson

CEO & Co-Founder, Dataseat

We were looking for an experienced vendor to develop a performance-based media buying solution from scratch. One of the main reasons why we chose Xenoss was their extensive domain knowledge. It allowed us to save time and effort at the initial stages and dive right in product development. The team’s been very professional and responsive to our needs and was able to deliver the MVP under just several months. Later on, they’ve transformed it into a fully featured platform for in-game advertising, which already proved highly scalable and able to manage high load. I’ve been truly happy with their work, high quality standards, and communication.

David Philippson

CEO & Co-Founder, Dataseat

Picture of Edward Lyon, HEAD OF PRODUCT, AD-LIB

Edward Lyon

Head of Product, Ad-Lib

Our business has grown since we started working with Xenoss by an enormous amount and much of that has to do with the software that they’re developing. The most impressive aspect of our collaboration is that the Xenoss team keeps on solving challenges we put in front of them and these are challenges that anecdotally, other businesses have tried solving but are not successful.

Edward Lyon

Head of Product, Ad-Lib

Picture of Oli Marlow Thomas, CEO & FOUNDER, AD-LIB

Oli Marlow Thomas

CEO & Founder, Ad-Lib

At some point in our business journey, we had a frustrating experience with our product, from barely managing its instability to fixing errors on the fly. Xenoss team helped us build a well-balanced tech organization and deliver the MVP within a very short timeline. It let us timely onboard huge clients such as Adidas, Tesco, Uber, and keep up our growth pace. I’m glad we’ve been working with such a highly-productive team. I particularly appreciate their ability to hire extremely fast and to generate great product ideas and improvements.

Oli Marlow Thomas

CEO & Founder, Ad-Lib

Matt Cannon about Xenoss

Matt Cannon

COO, Venatus

We've been a client of Xenoss for a year now and find them an excellent technology partner. Highly skilled and knowledgeable with the ability to rapidly adapt to our needs. We intend to double the size of our current team with them in 2021.

Matt Cannon

COO, Venatus


Ben Dzamba

VP of Product, Powerlinks

Before turning to Xenoss, we had a demand-side platform that was costly and not scalable. Having access to a wealth of experience on the Xenoss team related to our domain of real-time bidding, we’ve cut costs and now have a much more efficient, reliable DSP for our customers. I’d gladly recommend Xenoss as a technology partner. I’ve found the team to be very professional and diligent, ensuring that our needs and expectations are met through every step of the development process.

Ben Dzamba

VP of Product, Powerlinks

The Xenoss approach to Big Data solutions development

Our experience shows that big data solutions for MarTech require a specific approach to ensure the system’s scalability and timely support of its growing data processing needs. The Xenoss team will assist you at every stage of the development process, from consulting and strategy to implementation, testing and maintenance.

  1. 1

    Strategic planning

    Our MarTech engineers will assess your infrastructure, project technical requirements and product roadmap to deliver a custom-tailored data strategy that addresses all your needs.

  2. 2

    Data analytics services and data management

    Data on its own means little. We will help you transform data into actionable tactics and powerful insights by leveraging sophisticated big data analytics and machine learning models.

  3. 3

    Data integration and implementation

    Xenoss will help you solve the challenges of collecting marketing data into a single unified view. Gather, manage and integrate data from multiple sources to enable more efficient marketing campaigns.

  4. 4

    Data storage and infrastructure

    Build a scalable high performance data infrastructure in the cloud to guarantee effective cost management. We have cut our clients’ infrastructure spend by more than 20x times and our solutions have an average uptime of 99.4%.

  5. 5

    Ongoing support

    Our services don’t end at a product’s launch. We extend our support beyond software deployment, continuously providing support, maintenance, and updates.

Tech stack for Big Data projects

We understand the needs of complex MarTech solutions. Xenoss’ extensive track record of building data-centric solutions allows us to choose the most suitable tech stack to ensure scalability.

  • Data engineering

    Apache Hadoop


    Google BigQuery


    AWS Redshift

    AWS S3

    Google CS

    Azure BS

  • ML and Data Science






    Vowpal Wabbit



  • Languages & Platforms






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