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advertising solutions for publishers
Custom Advertising Solutions for Publishers

Custom Advertising Solutions for Publishers

Create a stand-out offer monetizing all of your inventory. Manage first-party data to build value-driven relationships with visitors and advertisers. Grow ad revenue with the Xenoss AdTech development expertise and all our resources.

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Xenoss services for a publisher ad suite

Partner with us to create or customize existing ad solutions to improve and optimize yield from your inventory, get insights for making data-driven decisions, and find new revenue possibilities.

Building ad inventory - Xenoss

Building ad inventory

Create ad packages for direct and indirect buyers while delivering more value. Speed up load times, avoid missed impressions, and improve user experience.

Mitigate ad fraud and brand reputation risks. Ensure top quality of your inventory while developing anti-fraud solutions that prevent cloaking, SDK spoofing and any other phishing attempts.

Yield management and optimization - Xenoss

Yield management and optimization

Get complete visibility of your inventory and campaign performance. Provide your partners with the opportunity to monitor their own performance while increasing yield.

Visitor relationship management (VRM) and audience insights - Xenoss

Visitor relationship management (VRM) and audience insights

Track your audience preferences across devices and platforms, optimize user acquisition and retention and increase revenue by unifying your disparate data across content distribution channels.

Cross-channel campaign tracking, reporting and data visualization - Xenoss

Cross-channel campaign tracking, reporting and data visualization

Find new revenue streams and get better deals with advanced media quality capabilities and solutions for user tracking and segmentation.

AI-powered video/audio engines - Xenoss

AI-powered video/audio engines

Achieve an effective inventory monetization with a custom video/audio solution. It will support all types of video and audio ads, have ad management, scheduling, robust content hosting capabilities, and seamless integration with programmatic demand sources.

Data integration and standardization - Xenoss

Data integration and standardization

Connect all data sources and platforms. Aggregate disparate existing systems, standardize data, and get meaningful insights.

Automated pacing - Xenoss

Automated pacing

Take advantage of the Xenoss turnkey pacing solution development to combine your reserved inventory delivery with the order management system data for real-time revenue calculation.

Types of publisher software solutions we build and deliver

When boxed solutions can’t satisfy your specific needs for client campaign reporting, optimization and scaling, it’s time to consider building custom advertising solutions from scratch or evolving and upgrading your existing legacy tools.

We build and customize solutions for all kinds of publishers:

Magazines, news outlets, editorial sites


Commerce content sites


Niche sites


Grow your revenue and improve visitor relationships with custom solutions

The Xenoss team will help you find the best approach for your project and implement the chosen strategy.

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Why build a custom publisher solution with Xenoss

We’ve been delivering to publishers data-centric and highload software solutions for over a decade. During this time, we’ve built proprietary know-how and accumulated AdTech best practices by virtue of our experience.


99.4% – our average software uptime

Our experienced AdTech developers build high-availability systems that allow Publishers to keep their customer experience at a high level while minimizing software downtime.


AdTech consulting from ideation to release and beyond

Xenoss supports publishers throughout their digital transformation journey by providing advice, resources and talent across all stages of their product development life cycle.


Our solutions can process up to 1M qps

Let Xenoss build a flexible data-based architecture to enable your Publisher solution to handle tremendous traffic spikes and up to a million concurrent requests.

What our clients say

Picture of David Philippson, CEO & Co-founder, DATASEAT

David Philippson

CEO & Co-Founder, Dataseat

We were looking for an experienced vendor to develop a performance-based media buying solution from scratch. One of the main reasons why we chose Xenoss was their extensive domain knowledge. It allowed us to save time and effort at the initial stages and dive right in product development. The team’s been very professional and responsive to our needs and was able to deliver the MVP under just several months. Later on, they’ve transformed it into a fully featured platform for in-game advertising, which already proved highly scalable and able to manage high load. I’ve been truly happy with their work, high quality standards, and communication.

David Philippson

CEO & Co-Founder, Dataseat

Matt Cannon about Xenoss

Matt Cannon

COO, Venatus

We've been a client of Xenoss for a year now and find them an excellent technology partner. Highly skilled and knowledgeable with the ability to rapidly adapt to our needs. We intend to double the size of our current team with them in 2021.

Matt Cannon

COO, Venatus

Picture of Edward Lyon, HEAD OF PRODUCT, AD-LIB

Edward Lyon

Head of Product, Ad-Lib

Our business has grown since we started working with Xenoss by an enormous amount and much of that has to do with the software that they’re developing. The most impressive aspect of our collaboration is that the Xenoss team keeps on solving challenges we put in front of them and these are challenges that anecdotally, other businesses have tried solving but are not successful.

Edward Lyon

Head of Product, Ad-Lib

Picture of Oli Marlow Thomas, CEO & FOUNDER, AD-LIB

Oli Marlow Thomas

CEO & Founder, Ad-Lib

At some point in our business journey, we had a frustrating experience with our product, from barely managing its instability to fixing errors on the fly. Xenoss team helped us build a well-balanced tech organization and deliver the MVP within a very short timeline. It let us timely onboard huge clients such as Adidas, Tesco, Uber, and keep up our growth pace. I’m glad we’ve been working with such a highly-productive team. I particularly appreciate their ability to hire extremely fast and to generate great product ideas and improvements.

Oli Marlow Thomas

CEO & Founder, Ad-Lib


Ben Dzamba

VP of Product, Powerlinks

Before turning to Xenoss, we had a demand-side platform that was costly and not scalable. Having access to a wealth of experience on the Xenoss team related to our domain of real-time bidding, we’ve cut costs and now have a much more efficient, reliable DSP for our customers. I’d gladly recommend Xenoss as a technology partner. I’ve found the team to be very professional and diligent, ensuring that our needs and expectations are met through every step of the development process.

Ben Dzamba

VP of Product, Powerlinks

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