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Dedicated Development Teams
Dedicated Development Teams

Dedicated Development Teams

Build your dedicated software development team with Xenoss for strategic long-term product development. Save costs, access untapped pools of mid- and senior-level developers, and leverage our many years of experience setting up highly efficient engineering teams that deliver on time and budget.

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When hire Xenoss dedicated development teams

Whether you’re an enterprise looking to modernize your legacy solution or increase in-house team productivity, or a startup looking to build an MVP and scale fast – consider leveraging our dedicated development teams.

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You need to boost in-house team productivity

Increase the bandwidth of your project development by augmenting your in-house team with Xenoss tech specialists picked specifically to your project requirements and business goals.

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You can’t afford to hire senior development talent locally due to high cost

If you’re on a shoestring budget, hiring experienced senior developers locally can be a huge challenge. You can solve it by tapping into a vast Eastern European tech talent pool. Use our staff augmentation services to hire whatever roles you need without overblowing your budget.

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You want to set up a small team for a proof-of-concept project

If you don’t have resources or niche expertise internally, but rather an idea that you’re looking to future-proof and test with your target audiences, we can provide you with a plug-and-play software team. It will build and deliver your solution’s MVP within a short timeframe, i.e., 3 to 6 months, depending on your requirements and tech limitations.

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You’re looking to eliminate/minimize your tech debt and scale fast

Use Xenoss dedicated teams to modernize and upgrade your legacy software solution, enable its scalability, and achieve your business goals faster without paying through the nose.

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You want to address local talent shortage and reduce time to market

Does it take you too long to find and hire talented developers locally, which impedes product development and extends the time-to-market? Thanks to our proven hiring methods and well-established employer brand, we can staff a full-fledged software team for you within just a month.

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You have no tech expertise, resources, and developers in-house

Xenoss can be your one-stop shop for all software development needs. We can help you specify the project, identify an ideal team profile, find and hire talent and oversee your project across all stages. You can use our Dedicated Dev Center as a standalone unit for long-term product development, testing, and scale-up.

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You have a very tight deadline

If you have time constraints, consider using the Xenoss dedicated development teams to get extra hands, boost team productivity and complete your project on time. By piggybacking on our dedicated resources, you can develop features in parallel, which will significantly shorten your time to deliver.

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You have software needs but no resources to manage the project

Upon your request, we can build a dedicated team and bear the responsibility of your tech solution delivery. We’ll hire and assign a dedicated product manager to oversee your development project and act as your eyes and ears while you focus on core competencies, investor relations, business strategy, etc.

Focus on your product goals while Xenoss takes care of the rest

  • Recruiting

    Maintain a sustainable flow of top software engineers in your hiring pipeline thanks to the Xenoss strong employer brand in Eastern Europe. On average, it takes a few weeks from the day a vacancy is opened to the day a suitable candidate accepts the job offer.

  • Employee medical insurance

    Your Xenoss-hosted dedicated developers will have extensive insurance coverage, which will provide them with all of the essential benefits to maintain their health and wellbeing and stay productive and motivated in the workplace.

  • Office space

    While being remote-first, we also have modern office facilities across the leading tech hubs of Eastern Europe– that offer all of the comforts for your dedicated team to stay focused, productive and efficient.

  • Tech consulting

    Bridge any tech gaps preventing you from scaling or improving your product. Your Xenoss-hosted developers will provide comprehensive tech consulting in every stage of your product development lifecycle to ensure you have the right tech stack, architecture, and methodology selection, proper milestone planning, achievable roadmap development, etc.

  • IT Infrastructure

    Leverage our default or custom IT services including secure infrastructure setup and IT service helpdesk, endpoints security monitoring and antivirus protection, Cloud services, DevOps, etc. Additional hardware equipment, software products, and IT services can be provided upon your request.

  • Legal support and coverage

    Your dedicated employees will receive all needed legal support for tech consulting work, filing documents to the local tax authorities, preparing and submitting documents for VAT or Single Tax, and more.

  • Payments and payroll processing

    Get a single monthly invoice consisting of salaries for every position allocated to the project, and our service fee. Xenoss will distribute the salaries to your dedicated employees’ bank accounts, so there’s no payroll hassle for you.

  • Business trips arrangement

    Xenoss will plan your dedicated team’s business trip from top to bottom, including tickets reservation, hotel booking, insurance, workspace/car rental, visa support, transfers, etc. Such trips are essential for quality knowledge sharing and team building.

  • Employee personal tax management

    Ensure your dedicated team’s full compliance with European legislation, industry standards, and tax reporting timelines by using our dedicated accounting services that aim to provide financial assistance to your employees.

  • Employee retention support

    Maintain a high retention rate within your dedicated software team by having Xenoss improve every impactful aspect such as career advancement and education, HR support, work/life balance, etc.

Why build your dedicated development team with Xenoss


High seniority

Stop wasting money on the junior and inexperienced developers, start leveraging the Xenoss highly-senior tech talent pool instead.


Quick hire

One month is our average time to assemble a full-fledged senior team for a custom software dev project.


Fast delivery with a proprietary framework

Use the Xenoss proprietary framework of free pre-built code components to save your dev time and money.


Diverse tech stack

Leverage both the newest and traditional tech stacks to address your legacy product modernization needs, build highly scalable products, deploy ML automation or cloud migration, and so on.


Experience with enterprises and startups

Garner our 15+ years of experience delivering cutting-edge tech solutions to startups and enterprises alike to build your product with the right resources and strategy.


Start your project next week

Take advantage of our plug-and-play Launcher Teams to kickstart and ramp up your project as soon as you’re ready to give us the green light.

How it works

  1. 1

    Discussing your challenge

    The Xenoss project management and BA teams will sit together with your product owner(s) to take a deep dive into your product vision, explore current limitations and bottlenecks, understand the ins and outs of your business, and collect as many insights from you as possible.

    After this, you’ll be provided with several high-level deliverables including project specifications and milestones roadmap, project plan, team profile and roles, architecture/tech stack recommendations, and more.

  2. 2

    Team staffing and setup

    At Xenoss, we’re focused on building and growing our internal community of software engineers skilled in data science, AI/ML, cloud computing – technologies essential for the quality software development. It allows us to source and staff your team with verified and vetted talent fast. In some cases, we search beyond our internal talent pool to ensure you get the best developers for your project.

    As we tend to hire mid- to senior-level engineers, we have a careful and stringent approach to interviewing candidates. On request, you can be directly involved in interviewing the best candidates and making the final hiring decision.

  3. 3

    Team integration

    Thanks to many years of practice, we can painlessly and smoothly embed your dedicated team in your corporate environment / in-house team culture. You can choose the prefered methodologies and PM approaches and we’ll tailor our processes to your preferences. We’ll help establish the right communication, regular knowledge sharing, employee retention initiatives, and so on.

    If you have no existing internal team, we’ll set up your dedicated team as a standalone unit. Yet, we’ll make sure to immerse your dedicated software team with your brand DNA to ensure the best collaboration and results.

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    The result

    As a result of our cooperation, you get a full-fledged product development team that’s ready to deliver to your specification on time and budget. We’ll assist you across your entire dedicated team journey and cover all of your recruitment, HR, administrative, and infrastructure needs.

    With our completely transparent process, you can check in with each member of your team whenever you need it in order to keep tabs on work progress, discuss tech solutions and workarounds, ideate and brainstorm, and get the most out of your dedicated team.

Does tough competition on the job market prolong your team construction time?

Hire a software development team in Ukraine and start delivering your project milestones asap.

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What our clients say

Picture of David Philippson, CEO & Co-founder, DATASEAT

David Philippson

CEO & Co-Founder, Dataseat

We were looking for an experienced vendor to develop a performance-based media buying solution from scratch. One of the main reasons why we chose Xenoss was their extensive domain knowledge. It allowed us to save time and effort at the initial stages and dive right in product development. The team’s been very professional and responsive to our needs and was able to deliver the MVP under just several months. Later on, they’ve transformed it into a fully featured platform for in-game advertising, which already proved highly scalable and able to manage high load. I’ve been truly happy with their work, high quality standards, and communication.

David Philippson

CEO & Co-Founder, Dataseat

Picture of Edward Lyon, HEAD OF PRODUCT, AD-LIB

Edward Lyon

Head of Product, Ad-Lib

Our business has grown since we started working with Xenoss by an enormous amount and much of that has to do with the software that they’re developing. The most impressive aspect of our collaboration is that the Xenoss team keeps on solving challenges we put in front of them and these are challenges that anecdotally, other businesses have tried solving but are not successful.

Edward Lyon

Head of Product, Ad-Lib

Matt Cannon about Xenoss

Matt Cannon

COO, Venatus

We've been a client of Xenoss for a year now and find them an excellent technology partner. Highly skilled and knowledgeable with the ability to rapidly adapt to our needs. We intend to double the size of our current team with them in 2021.

Matt Cannon

COO, Venatus

Picture of Oli Marlow Thomas, CEO & FOUNDER, AD-LIB

Oli Marlow Thomas

CEO & Founder, Ad-Lib

At some point in our business journey, we had a frustrating experience with our product, from barely managing its instability to fixing errors on the fly. Xenoss team helped us build a well-balanced tech organization and deliver the MVP within a very short timeline. It let us timely onboard huge clients such as Adidas, Tesco, Uber, and keep up our growth pace. I’m glad we’ve been working with such a highly-productive team. I particularly appreciate their ability to hire extremely fast and to generate great product ideas and improvements.

Oli Marlow Thomas

CEO & Founder, Ad-Lib


Ben Dzamba

VP of Product, Powerlinks

Before turning to Xenoss, we had a demand-side platform that was costly and not scalable. Having access to a wealth of experience on the Xenoss team related to our domain of real-time bidding, we’ve cut costs and now have a much more efficient, reliable DSP for our customers. I’d gladly recommend Xenoss as a technology partner. I’ve found the team to be very professional and diligent, ensuring that our needs and expectations are met through every step of the development process.

Ben Dzamba

VP of Product, Powerlinks

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