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Building a video-on-demand platform with 1.1M monthly users for a leading content distributor in Europe

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Client background

Xenoss website Video intelligence logo

Video Intelligence developed a platform that provided a global video-on-demand service and offered a wide range of ad-supported TV shows and movies.

The platform was ranked among the top content distributors of Japanese animation in Europe. In 2019 the platform was acquired by distributor Cinedigm.

Xenoss website Video intelligence logo

Business Challenge

Video Intelligence was facing multiple business scaling challenges. Two of their main issues were an inability to expand their user base due to tech limitations and the high cost of infrastructure.
  • Video Intelligence was one of the leading video-on-demand content distributors of Japanese animation in Europe.
  • Their existing solution had technical limitations that made it impossible to deliver video content to users at the same time as it was being released.
  • The built-in video player was using outdated technology that had a negative impact on user experience.
  • Lack of streaming capacity prevented the Video Intelligence platform from broadcasting to large audiences.

Xenoss Solution

Full revamp of the system to address scaling problems
and expand advertising effectiveness.
Fast and smooth team integration
Our experience building cross-organizational teams and a well-established communication strategy ensured our team's seamless integration with our client’s in-house team. We fostered strong team alignment and transparency in communication to accelerate the development process.
New streaming functionality for live releases
Technical limitations prevented Video Intelligence from streaming video content concurrent with production studio releases. To solve this, the Xenoss team implemented a system release schedule for content that allowed for in-sync releases and gave Video Intelligence a competitive edge.
Introduction of advanced behavioral targeting to expand advertising capabilities
We built in an internal ad management solution with modules for content consumption, behavior analytics, and user segmentation for advanced ad targeting. As part of the Xenoss solution, we also constructed a new video player with support for modern HTML-based standards and enabled pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll VPAID ads.
Adaptive streaming implementation to improve user experience
We implemented adaptive streaming that enabled us to analyze client connection speed to adapt the quality of video for each viewer individually. This majorly improved overall user experience.
Infrastructure overhaul and cost optimization
Seamless cross-service сloud migration
The Xenoss team meticulously prepared and successfully moved the entire solution from Azure cloud services to AWS without any data loss. We also enabled a pain-free transition from the legacy system to a new one.
Infrastructure cost optimization
When auditing the Video Intelligence infrastructure, we found that the cost of CDN could be significantly lowered. Our infrastructure optimization lowered the costs by 73% and spread the coverage to 5 more regions in Europe, the US, and Asia.


Cost optimization
73% lower costs
The optimization of the infrastructure allowed us to lower the costs for CDN by 73%.
CDN coverage
+5 more regions
We spread the coverage of the CDN to more regions in Europe, US and Asia which in turn helped Video Intelligence expand their services and attract new users.
System availability
99.4% for 2 years
The Xenoss team built a high-performance and load tolerant infrastructure that maintained the high availability percentage of 99.4% for 2 years during development.
AdOps decreased
By 3x times
The new ad system decreased AdOps by 3x times while keeping the same number of advertisers.
17 people
The seniority and experience level of our team allowed us to keep it relatively small, which contributed to effective team integration and communication throughout the life of the project.
MVP delivery
7 months
We delivered the MVP within just 7 months and performed the first fully functional release of the platform within 11 months after the project’s kickoff.

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