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Enterprise application modernization services

Improve the performance, reduce infrastructure costs, and expand the functionality of your Martech/AdTech offering.

Xenoss developers help leading Martech/AdTech providers modernize their platforms by unlocking the value of the cloud, automating processes, strengthening their API program and more.

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Trusted by major market players:


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Application modernization strategy for Martech/AdTech platforms

tell-tale signs of legacy apps, benefits of modernization, and the application modernization strategy for Martech/AdTech vendors

Application modernization strategy
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Unlock the benefits of application modernization

Drive business value

  • Reduced response time improves user experience
  • New features empower advertisers and publishers with new capabilities
  • Readiness for change helps Martech/AdTech vendors adapt to regulations and changing market trends

Maximize the productivity of your team

  • Break monolith platforms into easy-to-maintain microservices 
  • Leverage the power of low-code and no-code to save your engineering team time
  • Reduce the amount of manual work by leveraging automation across all stages of product development

Optimize operational efficiency

  • Reduce infrastructure costs by eliminating vendor lock-in and streamlining resource use
  • Build impactful partnerships with other AdTech ecosystem partners with a robust API program
  • Discover which projects no longer bring value and replace or retire them with no business losses

Explore capabilities for AdTech/MarTech enterprise app modernization

With 15+ years of experience in building Martech/AdTech solutions, Xenoss specialists will find the optimal approach to solving your task.

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icon cloud migration

Cloud migration

Migrate your on-premises infrastructures to all major cloud providers – AWS, Google, and Azure – with no data loss. Our engineers will assist your engineering team in building a cloud-agnostic infrastructure with no risk of vendor lock-in.

Server cost optimization

Server cost optimization

Cut server costs and improve the performance of your MarTech/AdTech project by decreasing the number of required server instances, optimizing architectures for high load, and introducing features like traffic compression.

API program development

API program development

Build a robust API program and increase the speed of AI development with a team of integration experts who will help connect your platform to third-party solutions.

Monolith-to-microservices migration

Monolith-to-microservices migration

Migrate from a monolithic architecture to flexible and independent microservices. Our engineers will help you build modular infrastructures that are faster to develop and easier to maintain.



Automate development processes by following best industry practices: infrastructure-as-code, orchestration, and others.  Our team will support you with step-by-step automation guidance.

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AI and machine learning 

Strengthen your MarTech/AdTech offering and differentiate successfully by tapping into AI (artificial intelligence) and ML-based prediction and analytics solutions. Xenoss engineers will help you discover cost-effective ways to implement and scale machine learning models in MarTech/AdTech.

Data and identity management

Software rearchitecturing

Our engineers will help your team modernize legacy components of your platform by identifying problem areas in the architecture, creating a re-architecture roadmap, and implementing the necessary changes (refactoring, removing dependencies, adopting new methodologies).

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UI/UX modernization

Create a more intuitive and modern look for your application by partnering with our design experts who will help redesign interfaces and layouts. We will help your team make data-driven adjustments that match a user’s expectations, and increase engagement and satisfaction.

Software and application modernization services. Boost your efficiency, agility and scalability.

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Build a growth-oriented functionality, infrastructure, and tech-stack for your platform with Xenoss application modernization services

What makes Xenoss a reliable partner for modernizing MarTech/AdTech projects

retail marketing technology

Engineers with MarTech/AdTech domain knowledge

Our team specializes exclusively in MarTech/AdTech, which means we are fully committed to these domains, focused on the latest news and trends, and familiar with best development practices.

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Deep knowledge of machine learning and data science

Our engineers have been implementing machine learning algorithms into MarTech/AdTech projects for over 15 years. We have a firsthand understanding of the challenges teams meet when introducing innovation and ways to address them.

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Experience in building MarTech/AdTech integrations

Our engineering team helped multiple MarTech/AdTech projects build connections with other tools within the ecosystem. We helped vendors integrate with DSPs, SSPs, CDPs, CRMs, and other platforms.


Scalability by design 

Scalability and growth of our projects guide our infrastructure decisions and development practices. Xenoss engineers are committed to future-proofing the platforms of our partners to avoid high operational costs as the number of users increases.

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Support on all stages of modernization

From ideation to maintenance. Xenoss supports MarTech/AdTech vendors every step of their application modernization journey: we are involved in the initial assessment, planning, implementation, and operations of the final product.

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Robust toolset

Xenoss engineers have worked with multiple tech stacks, programming languages, and cloud vendors (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure). MarTech/AdTech vendors can be confident in our team’s familiarity with every component of project infrastructure.

Library of pre built components (1)

Library of pre-built components

We help MarTech/AdTech vendors ramp up the pace of development by sharing our pre-built components for core features: reporting, campaign management, targeting, media planning. Our components follow industry best practices, reduce time to market, and facilitate maintenance.

Wide pool of skilled talent Library of pre built components (1)

Wide pool of skilled talent

Xenoss can quickly build a team that covers a wide range of engineering roles: front-end and back-end development, mobile development, data science, machine learning development, and others. On average, it takes us 2 weeks to build a skilled team for legacy app modernization.

Build an application modernization roadmap and strategy for your platform

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How we approach modernization of applications

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Xenoss engineers take a deep dive into the project’s infrastructure and architecture, identifying pain points and discovering opportunities for cost reduction or performance optimization.


Our team helps in-house AdTech engineering teams define clear app modernization goals and metrics, design a step-by-step roadmap to modernization, and set the budget and the timeline.


Xenoss engineers are directly involved in the process of refactoring or rebuilding the tech behind the project, migrating the infrastructure to the cloud, and introducing innovation to the product.

In-house team onboarding

We will onboard the in-house team to make sure engineers can effortlessly operate the codebase and maintain the platform autonomously.


Xenoss experts help AdTech/MarTech vendors maintain their applications and keep them secure, cost-effective, easy to update.

Evolve your project and expand the range of partners and clients with application modernization

Xenoss developers have the skillset and domain knowledge to help AdTech and MarTech offerings change and adapt to market trends and user expectations.


Xenoss team helped us build a well-balanced tech organization and deliver the MVP within a very short timeline. I particularly appreciate their ability to hire extreme fast and to generate great product ideas and improvements.

Oli Marlow Thomas

Oli Marlow Thomas,

CEO and founder, AdLib

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