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Custom high-performing retail marketing tech solutions

At Xenoss, we specialize in building custom software solutions that address specific retail business needs.

Whether you need help with marketing automation, retail media network development, or complex third-party integrations, we can assemble an outsourcing team to develop any retail marketing technology solution you require.

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Retail tech development
tailored to your needs

For brands, advertisers and retail tech vendors

  • ML-powered recommendation systems
  • First-party data and cookieless targeting
  • Integration with third-party platforms
  • Customized DSPs
  • Ad performance measurement solutions

For retailers

  • Retail media networks
  • Data management platforms
  • Marketing automation solutions
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Analytics dashboards
  • Identity solutions

Some of retail marketing tech capabilities we can deliver

With 15 years of experience under our belt, Xenoss assembles tech teams to deliver cutting-edge retail marketing technology solutions

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retail marketing technology

Retail media network development

Xenoss can help you build and develop a retail media network that connects brands with shoppers, driving sales and increasing revenue.

retail marketing technology

Complex third-party integrations

Effortlessly integrate even with the most complex third-party systems. Our experienced team can build custom integrations with the tools and systems you need.

retail marketing technology

Analytics dashboards

We build custom analytics dashboards that provide real-time insights into your performance, with customizable metrics and visualizations.

retail marketing technology

Marketing automation solutions

Streamline your marketing efforts by building new marketing automation solutions, from online behavior tracking to budgeting.

retail marketing technology

Data and identity management

Xenoss provides custom data and identity management capabilities that help you collect, analyze, and activate your first-party data to build more effective marketing strategies.

retail marketing technology

Automatic ad optimization

We can build custom AI-driven optimization algorithms to continually optimize your advertising efforts, making real-time adjustments and ensure they deliver the best results possible.

retail marketing technology

Integration with the programmatic ecosystem

Xenoss has expertise in integrating with major data brokers, media buying solutions, and programmatic platforms. Reach your target audience across channels.

retail marketing technology

Data-driven targeting and reporting

Whether you need help with audience segmentation, targeting, or personalization, Xenoss will develop capabilities to help you deliver results.

Top retailers have already built their own retail media networks.
You can do it too.

Tap into Xenoss’ expertise in retail marketing tech
we assemble dedicated tech teams for:

retail marketing technology

Custom solution development

Build a platform from scratch with your dedicated development team.

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Consulting and audit

Get an in-depth evaluation of your infrastructure, tech stack,  system health and product roadmap.

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Modernization of your existing platform

Unlock new possibilities by enhancing existing infrastructure, system performance and functionality.

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New functionality development

Empower your platform with new retail tech features and capabilities.

Achieve your goals with an experienced software development partner

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You are only 5 steps away from your own retail marketing tech solution

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Consulting and project proposal

Outlining first-mile artifacts for your retail marketing tech platform: product scope, high-level architecture, tech stack, team structure, release schedule, development processes, etc.

Product roadmap

Your strategic plan is ready, demonstrating overall product goals, features, timelines and milestones.

Your retail marketing tech MVP

You get a well-balanced  completely functionable proof-of-concept solution.

QA and testing

Reaching a stable performance and the highest quality level for your retail marketing tech solution.

Project launch

We operate as an extension to your team. Implementing your product vision, leveraging user and market feedback to develop a leading fully-featured solution.

Make your first step in retail advertising the right one

Xenoss is your go-to partner in building custom intelligent MarTech & AdTech software and an extension of your tech team.


Xenoss team helped us build a well-balanced tech organization and deliver the MVP within a very short timeline. I particularly appreciate their ability to hire extreme fast and to generate great product ideas and improvements.

Oli Marlow Thomas

Oli Marlow Thomas,

CEO and founder, AdLib

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    Unlock a world of possibilities beyond retail marketing tech platform development

    There is a lot more we can build together.

    RTB and programmatic

    Data visualization

    • Reporting and campaign management dashboards
    • Analytics platforms

    Data collection and storage

    • DMPs
    • CDPs
    • Tag managers
    • Trackers