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Developing a gaming advertising platform with 1.4B monthly video impressions
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Developing a gaming advertising platform with 1.4B monthly video impressions

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Gaming advertising platform

Client background

Venatus is one of the leading global advertising technology platforms that focuses on gaming and entertainment. The platform is used by over 900 publishers including Rovio, EA, Rolling Stone, OP.GG, What Culture, and FUTBIN. 

Venatus is helping brands such as Unilever, BBC, Universal, Hasbro, Activision, and Intel engage audiences across all devices and run award-winning creative campaigns.

Business Challenge

Venatus was looking to further develop their advertising platform, expand ad networks and overcome scalability issues.

  • Venatus had a Proof of Concept of their solution ready and was looking for a tech partner to further develop the product. 
  • Xenoss’ dev team had to expand partner ad networks, increase the number of ad creative formats that were supported, and implement server-side, prebid tech for ad networks’ requirements.
  • The solution was also expected to provide a holistic view of data from all ad network partners.
  • On the technical side, there were some scalability and system performance issues that needed to be addressed.

Xenoss Solution

Providing non-disruptive development processes and expanding advertising capabilities with big data analytics.

Enabled continuous biz operations

Xenoss’ approach to the development of the product ensured a smooth transformation of the legacy solution without any interruption to business operations.

Built in a data reporting and analytics system

The platform had to provide a holistic view of ad inventory. We developed integrated reporting that combined reports from all partners and performed analysis of the entire ad inventory selling picture.

Provided a seamless team integration

In just 2 months, we built a high performance team that fluently integrated with the client’s inhouse team. Working as one team allowed us to accelerate the development process and boost productivity and efficiency.

Implemented advanced header bidding

The Xenoss team added server-side bidding with the Rubicon prebid server to increase advertising yield and improve transparency for publishers.

Improving system performance with architecture and infrastructure optimization.

Integrated new ad networks

To expand the reach and effectiveness of creative campaigns, we integrated 14 new ad networks into stream, outstream, sticky footer, and web interstitial creative formats.

Ensured scalability by design

We built a complex architecture that set the foundation for Big Data processing and integration with a large number of partners with minimal infrastructure cost increase.

Optimized cloud infrastructure

We performed a thorough analysis and assessment of the tech stack and cloud infrastructure to identify potential issues and bottlenecks. Based on our findings, Xenoss engineers and architects optimized the solution, which improved system performance by 10x times.

The new tech stack consisted of AWS, Yandex ClickHouse, React, Java, MongoDB, Rubicon Prebid server, Prebid.js, and Metabase.


Built a team

in 2 months

Xenoss was able to swiftly build a team of top talent with AdTech background to kick off the project as soon as possible.

New ad networks


We expanded the platform’s reach by implementing 14 new ad networks.

New publishers


Venatus was able to grow their business and onboard new publishers. The list increased from 200 publishers to 900.

Market release

4 months

After the start of the project, we released a market-ready solution in just 4 months.

Creative formats


The system now supports 10 Google ad creative formats.

Improved performance by

10x times

Tech stack and cloud infrastructure optimization have improved system performance by 10x times.

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