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We augment your tech team, or you explain your idea and we deliver turnkey fully operable solution

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What we do

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Software product development

We build complex software for 15 years. We design and develop SaaS products, enterprise software, desktop apps, websites, mobile apps.

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Cloud infrastructure optimization

We help tech companies to design the infrastructure on AWS, Google Cloud or other cloud platforms in a way to minimize operational cost and simplify scaling.

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Product architecture consulting

We create scalable software architectures and craft optimal tech stack that ensure easy and smooth product development in long-term.

Your benefits

Speed up delivery by employing ready-to-use core components

We've implemented xLib, the library of typical components like - user management, authentication, logging, load balancing, data stream processing, OLAP engines etc. You get those components for free. We charge a client for customization and application-specific code only.

Reduce risks through early and frequent delivery

You'll get MVP in 2-4 weeks after we start.

Then we deliver the product gradually through the sequence of small and frequent updates. You get the new version weekly or biweekly so you can see the progress and correct the course if it is needed.

Design software that is easy to change in the future

Our distinguishing feature is a special emphasis to project architecture and design. We design really complex software over 15 years, and we know how to find the golden mean between architectural flexibility and cost.
Being properly designed the system will be easily scaling and adjusting in future.

We cover broad tech stackso you don't need to search for multiple vendors

We code on many languages including Java, Scala, JS, Golang, .NET/C#, Python.
We have perfect UI/UX expertise.
We design data storages, web apps, mobile solutions.
We have a perfect scientific background in math, statistics, and AI.

So, we can cover most of your engineering needs. However, if we can't cover something we'll suggest the relevant vendor.

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When turn to us

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You have no tech team

You have a clear idea and business plan, but you need the development team

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You need more engineers

You have a good tech team, but you want to ramp it up really fast.

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You need just few tips

You have a team, but you need some consulting on whether everything goes OK.

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Your business is growing fast

Your sales increase and cause an evergrowing pressure on technology. Your Amazon bills get higher, system failures start to occur often, development flow becomes slower.

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You need to ship a side product

You have good tech resources, but you need to develop a product that is not typical for you and doesn’t fit into the competence of your core team.

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Something went wrong

Small changes in the product require a lot of efforts. It takes too long to ship every new version, and when it's shipped tons of unexpected bugs appear.

This is how we start together

We’ll carefully look into your current software architecture, physical infrastructure, tech and product roadmap. You will figure out potential weak points of your software architectural design, tech stack, and process. Also, you will discover the potential bottlenecks you may face when scaling the product.

In the PP we agree on the scope and architecture, tech stack, team structure, release schedule, and development process.

If you need deeper upfront planning we arrange the Discovery Phase – two-three week research sprint – that will deliver detailed product architecture and longtime estimates so that you have better forecast on project budget and timeline.

Xenoss builds the required team and launches the project.

The most detailed part of Project Proposal is MVP plan
We normally ship MVP very fast, within 2-4 weeks after start. With MVP in place it is easier to take further decisions. We will come up with very detailed and reliable MVP plan within our project proposal.

We have deep and wide expertise in building custom MarTech & AdTech products

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Validate your ideas with us

Free architectural audit

    Our top architects with multiyear experience in building complex marketing technologies for top companies will show you the weak points of your existing architecture and suggest how to fix it.

Free marketing consulting

    Use the expertise of our marketing team. We brought to the market tens of products and happy to help you with building you marketing strategy.

Challenge us

Drop us a line and find out how we can help you with your project