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You + Xenoss + Aerospike 

Aerospike partner – Xenoss.

The winning combination for your hyperscale application.

Don’t choose between the system’s high performance, scalability, and low infrastructure costs — you can have it all.

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From 450 to 10 servers

Xenoss revamped a DSP architecture for the client with Aerospike

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Your trusted partners in MarTech/AdTech software development

About Aerospike

Aerospike unleashes the power of real-time data to meet the demands of The Right Now Economy. Global tech companies select the Aerospike real-time, multi-model, NoSQL data platform for its predictable sub-millisecond performance, unlimited scalability, and the opportunity to minimize infrastructure costs.

About Xenoss

Xenoss is a MarTech/AdTech software development house. We build AI-driven high-load software from scratch, augment clients’ internal teams to assist them with improving existing solutions, provide tech consulting services, and perform system optimization.

Xenoss and Aerospike 

help MarTech and AdTech vendors, brands, publishers, gaming and media companies achieve peak efficiency with their solutions.

Overcome technical challenges with us

We know how to leverage Aerospike’s technology to deliver high-performing scalable MarTech and AdTech solutions

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Xenoss builds or optimizes the infrastructure of existing client’s solutions to ensure their minimal resource consumption, and thus, low operating expenses. Cost-cutting measures may include adopting self-service cloud computing solutions and Aerospike for data ingestion, processing, and storage. Aerospike customers usually decrease their server footprint by up to 80%.

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Performance at scale

In Xenoss’ application development projects, achieving a balance between scalability and performance is our primary focus when either designing or optimizing systems. In most of our cases, we rely on Aerospike’s products for their predictability, higher throughput, low latency, and a significant reduction in server footprint. Real-time data processing: the database can handle at least 1 million transactions per second (TPS) on a single server.

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Vendor reliability

We know the industry’s ins and outs through working with sell- and buy-side businesses for 15 years. Aerospike, our tried-and-tested database provider, has already proven itself in the AdTech community. Big industry names like Trade Desk, InMobi, and AppsFlyer use Aerospike to power their high-load applications.

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The lack of in-house tech competence

We will augment your in-house team or overtake the development or optimization of your application if needed. Our specialists can explain how introducing Aerospike will influence the solution performance, familiarize the team with the real-time data platform’s features, help choose an optimal edition, and integrate it into the application.  

How to build a scalable high-load application

without spending a fortune on infrastructure

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Getting work done at every phase of the product development lifecycle

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Technology consulting

Provided by Xenoss experts with a deep understanding of the Aerospike Platform & Database, and complete Aerospike product stack

Solution design

Offered by dedicated Aerospike practitioners to validate clients’ pre-production designs and expectations


Delivered by MarTech- and AdTech-savvy architects, developers, data, and security engineers

Continuous support

Guaranteed across end-to-end deployment and data migration, application architecture planning, operations, and maintenance.

Outsource your software development needs

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Supercharge your MarTech or AdTech application

Take full advantage of Aerospike’s capabilities and Xenoss’ engineering expertise


Over the last few years, Xenoss has successfully implemented digital platforms with Aerospike for top global AdTech enterprises and startups. We are now taking our partnership to the next level, using field-proven Aerospike deployment and migration accelerators for the cloud, and building digital data services across industries.


Daniel Landsman,

Global Director, Aerospike

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