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42 Media outlets for the AdTech/MarTech community

PostedMarch 17, 2023 20 min read
Adtech Media | Xenoss blog


The rapidly evolving AdTech/MarTech industry necessitates keeping tabs on what’s happening in the field. To stay up to date on the tightening privacy rules, first-party data transition, and new partnerships, you need to find reliable sources of information. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know what sources are worth your time.

To assist, we surveyed our team and clients and prepared a list of top media outlets with an eye on our key expertise topics – software solutions in AdTech and MarTech, AI, high load challenges, and cost optimization. Some of these outlets dig deeper into the technologies behind the ad landscape, others provide insights into AdTech juggernauts or promising startups.

In our list, we also included outlets with a broader overview of digital marketing and coverage of AdTech platforms, tools, and apps. Additionally, we provide a list of industry-specific newsletters, flagging the issues and market shifts you can’t afford to miss. By scanning our guide, you can identify what sources will bring you the most value. Let’s get right to it!

Top AdTech-specialized media

Top AdTech-specialized media
Top AdTech-specialized media

First, we provide a list of AdTech news outlets that immerse readers in reports, insights, interviews, and the latest developments in AdOps and brand marketing ecosystems.

1. AdTech Daily

Launched in 2008, Ad Tech Daily is a news source that covers all aspects of AdTech with an emphasis on advertising operations, from ad serving and targeting to metrics and audience measurement. It’s edited by Simone Nesznik, who has been working at AdTech Daily for almost 15 years.

An insightful look at ad operations, media strategies, advertising challenges, as well as swiftly evolving privacy rules makes AdTech Daily a multi-faceted news outlet. In the news posts, they explore the nature of the underlying issues. For example, the article about LightBox TV provides insight into the CTV platform changes and the logic behind the appointment of Sam Finegan as SVP Demand.

2. AdvertisingWeek

AdvertisingWeek primarily covers recent developments in marketing, advertising, technology, and brand management, along with educational content, headed by Matt Scheckner for the last 19 years. They provide frequent editorials with quality insights on advertising and AdTech. By running global trade shows in London, Sydney, Tokyo, and Mexico, the Advertising Week team tracks the latest developments in marketing and advertising, highlighting pivotal industry trends in their content.

The latest articles cover the role of post-purchase customer experience and explain why search data is a priority in 2023, giving insight into how brands can stand out from competitors.

3. Adweek

Adweek reaches a committed professional audience across a variety of platforms, including print, internet, events, podcasts, newsletters, social media, and mobile apps. They cover brand marketing, performance marketing, e-commerce, and programmatic media. Adweek’s CEO, Juliette Morris, has broad experience working with data-driven startups and Fortune 500 companies. Under her leadership, Adweek explores agency news, platform updates, tech developments, and notable ad campaigns.

One of the latest publications is dedicated to data clean rooms, which are gaining popularity due to changes in the privacy landscape. Another prominent article focuses on retail’s tools to survive a potential recession, which is widely discussed due to staff cuts at Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Wayfair.

4. AdMonsters

AdMonsters has specialized in ad operations and AdTech, covering trends, strategy, and tactics since 1999. In addition, this go-to industry resource hosts a range of paid and unpaid community events, has a special platform for its members and its own newsletter.

They cover topics such as ad production, inventory and yield management, advertising products, privacy regulations, industry standards, ad serving, and related technologies. They are headed by content director Lynne d Johnson, who is an adjunct professor in the field with 20+ years of experience in media and marketing.

A recent topic covers top mobile trends for 2023 with an emphasis on privacy rules and targeting across mobile app ad land. Another article offers readers investigation of publishers’ resilience through 2022 and explains how publishers can weather any further difficulties in 2023.

5. AdExchanger

AdExchanger, led by experienced executive editor Sarah Sluis, has been educating readers about programmatic advertising and the ecosystem of data-driven marketing technology since 2008. In addition to media activities, AdExchanger holds conferences in programmatic media. Programmatic I/O in Las Vegas and New York focus on the latest tools and trends, and Industry Preview offers a unique peek at the year ahead in digital marketing and technology.

AdExchanger’s articles under the category “AdExplainer” spell out key developments for AdTech enthusiasts without a technical background. Other topics covered with more depth and insight include data trading, publisher and advertiser news, CTV, and video.

One of the recent articles discusses data clean rooms for CTV measurement, providing an alternative view that clean rooms alone are not sufficient for TV measurement. Another insightful piece explains why publishers should strive for a hybrid approach to CTV monetization. This publication is increasingly pertinent due to the popularity of CTV and new approaches to CTV measurement and monetization.

6. Videoweek

VideoWeek, guided by the editor-in-chief for 9+ years Vincent Flood, covers the European business of OTT (online video and television) advertising. VideoWeek offers an online trade journal, podcasts, and online videos to help subscribers keep tabs on industry changes. They provide analysis, research, podcasts, and events related to OTT in Europe, while also touching upon mobile and agency-related news and insights.

Recent top stories cover plans of Yahoo to close SSP and lay off 50% of the AdTech division and the role of streaming for Disney after subscriber losses. Latest analytical materials by VideoWeek overview sustainability in the Advertising guide 2023.

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7. ExchangeWire

ExchangeWire, edited by Grace Dillon, offers news and commentary with a focus on customer data, ad technology, media buying trends, and programmatic. In addition, they provide users with webcasts, podcasts, and regular industry events. As one of the most trusted sources for in-depth analytical materials in the AdTech/MarTech sector, ExchangeWire provides an overview of key market players among ad traders, media buyers, ad networks, AdTech providers in video and mobile display markets, etc.

Recently, ExchangeWire covered advertising resource management in a Q&A to outline the challenges and a potential solution for resource management. Also, ExchangeWire shed light on Sojern’s and PUSHTech’s collaboration, which demonstrates the potential of first-party data partnership and cooperative strategies.

8. New Digital Age

New Digital Age provides the most recent information on all facets of digital media and marketing, with a considerable focus on programmatic advertising and AdTech/MarTech. The editor of New Digital Age, Justin Pearse, is a partner of strategic communications agency Bluestripe and a member of the IAB content marketing council.

New Digital Age also produces podcasts: “It’s Always Media Thursday” with a focus on the last week’s events, and “NDA Meets” consist of interviews with illuminating industry leaders.

Recent articles on New Digital Age by Andy Oakes explain how third-party cookies phase out influences marketers, indicating both a challenge and opportunity for ID solution providers. They also covered online sales over the holiday period, which emphasizes the changing nature of online retail.

Top MarTech media

Top MarTech media
Top MarTech media

The next nine outlets are geared more towards MarTech, with tech developments and industry insights relevant to those looking to understand the MarTech ecosystem and valuable tools for effective marketing.

9. Chiefmartec

Chiefmartec is leading industry media with a stellar reputation. Scott Brinker has been developing this blog for 15 years, aiming to find intersection between marketing and technology and highlighting trends in data and analytics, marketing management, AI, and customer experience. Scott Brinker’s Chiefmartec consistently crafts the Martech Map, which serves as a navigator for the whole industry for the year ahead.

In the latest article on, you can learn about payment models in MarTech apps, usage-based pricing and its alignment with composability. Recently, they covered orchestration as a suitable approach for overcoming challenges associated with tech stack growth and explored a fascinating case on the often-forgotten importance of partner ops.

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10. is a news website that covers topics related to marketing technology and digital marketing, led by editorial director Kim Davis who has more than 12 years of experience in publishing and editing. They feature interviews with thought leaders and industry professionals and produce articles and news items on the most recent trends and advancements in the world of marketing technology.

Articles that recently caught the reader’s attention are the guide on reducing MarTech bloat through APIs and the article on building a customer value squad, which argues that companies should utilize teams assembled from different departments to ensure harmonization.

11. MarTech Series

MarTech Series, cofounded by experienced sales executive Shayne Barretto, addresses topics of modern tech adoption, trends, and insights. They publish articles, interviews, and other materials for the MarTech audience, focusing on in-depth coverage of the industry.

Analytical materials by MarTech Series cover consumer spending and mobile demand – highlighting surging consumer spend, 5+ hours per day on mobile. Recently, they published a critical review of Amagi’s report dedicated to the growth of Free Ad-supported Streaming TV in Europe. In addition, they offer actionable insights – check out the publication about low-code development for MarTech by Xenoss CEO Dmitry Sverdlik.

12. Martech Gazette

Martech Gazette is designed for marketers who want to keep track of MarTech events and insights. They cover various subjects, including AI, audio advertising, content syndication, and DMPs and publish articles, interviews, and other types of material.

Martech Gazette is an excellent resource for in-depth coverage of the marketing technology sector with a focus on offering insightful analysis and opinions to and from professionals in the marketing field.

A recent publication reviews a case study of the successful AWS migration achieved by Kickdrum. Another impressive piece by Martech Gazette shows how Innovid’s technology helps optimize creatives in real-time and improves performance across CTV, video, and display. The development of creative capabilities is notoriously difficult. To learn more about the challenges and risks of CMP development, check out Xenoss’ guide.

13. MarTech360

MarTech360 equips readers with knowledge of global digital marketing trends and editorial insights through MarTech events, articles, and interviews. Their news mainly covers emerging marketing technology in social media advertising, programmatic advertising, and data analytics. In addition, they frequently discuss automation and marketing tools like CRMs.

The latest publications are fixed on Disney’s announcement of strategic restructuring that will refocus the organization on creativity and an overview of Top WordPress development agencies by DesignRush.

14. Martechvibe

Martechvibe is a MarTech and AdTech news outlet with a focus on the MENA region. Cofounded and directed by Sanjay Swamy, who is also the director of Fast Company Middle East, it covers the industry with reports, surveys, and other new developments in MarTech, offering readers interviews, white papers, and industry events. Founded in 2018, Martechvibe is among the fastest-growing MarTech media platforms.

The content worth reading includes an interview with Expo City Dubai’s SVP of Marketing, Jad Hindy, an experienced executive from Dubai, and an insightful discussion of the increasingly pressing topic of loyalty in a privacy-centric world.

15. Marketing Tech News

Marketing Tech News provides articles on a range of MarTech topics with news, interviews, and events. Under the strict guidance of its editor-in-chief, Duncan MacRae, it covers mobile strategy, email marketing, SEO, analytics, social media, and many other marketing disciplines.

The latest news focuses on UK customer service issues and analysis of UK businesses’ attitude concerning their websites. A significant survey published by MarketingTech News reveals that 40% of marketers expect an increase in brand safety concerns.

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16. The MarTech Cube

MarTech Cube is a media that focuses on addressing the technology challenges that marketers encounter in their work. It’s headed by Bharat Gawra, a founding partner of AI Techpark, and offers news, analysis, and insights about the most recent trends in the MarTech sector. They have infographics, interviews, resources, and a podcast in addition to news on the MarTech industry.

The prominent articles cover the role of investing in current clients when it comes to future-proofing and an interview with Curtis Marshall, SVP of Business Data Partnerships at AnalyticsIQ, who explains the importance of combining cognitive psychology and data science in analytics.

17. Martech Zone

Business, sales, and marketing professionals can read Martech Zone to learn about technology and leverage gained knowledge to enable the digital transformation of their business. Douglas Karr established this media with their newsletter and podcast in 2005. They cover tech topics related to ads, content marketing, data analytics, mobile campaigns, and different reviews of tools, converters, and other software.

A recent article covered the basics of extracting data from third-party platforms to coordinate stacks. Another piece overviews the role of context in customer journeys and provides clear advice on how to improve it.

Top media and marketing outlets

Top media and marketing outlets
Top media and marketing outlets

This selection of news portals includes marketing and digital media that provide marketers with a broader overview of insights for effective campaigns. Media and marketing news outlets can be appealing to those who aspire to keeping track of transformations in digital media. There is, nonetheless, a lot of MadTech-related content in these outlets.

18. Marketing Week

Marketing Week is a well-known media brand for the marketing community. They were established in 1978 and offered the latest news, trends, insight, and networking possibilities.

On top of the website content, Marketing Week’ editorial team creates a weekly podcast and crafts a compelling newsletter covering a wide range of marketing and advertising topics, such as programmatic advertising, brand management, and marketing strategy.

One of the latest posts covered the relationship between marketers and finance. Other material discussed why ‘brand gen’ is the secret to effective, full-funnel B2B campaigns.

19. Marketing Dive

Marketing Dive overviews important news and developments in the marketing and advertising industries, providing readers with valuable insights to improve campaigns. Headed by Chantal Tode for six years, their website and newsletters include a wide range of subjects, such as analytics, social media, video marketing, influencer marketing, AdTech, and more.

Engaging posts on Marketing Dive covered Nielson’s cross-platform tracking solution for accurate measurement of audiences for CTV and OTT and industry news about how Meta plans to integrate in-store data with social ads.

20. The Drum

The Drum provides profound research on the marketing and advertising industries, covering news, insights, and solutions. This publisher has been on the market since 1985. Currently, The Drum, edited by cofounder Gordon Young, covers a variety of subjects, such as innovative marketing initiatives, media news, TV advertising, agency business, creativity, AdTech with its impact on performance, and the future of media.

Recently, they discussed how Meta launched Facebook reels, equipping brands with new opportunities for advertising and reaching a wider audience. In another controversial news story, The Drum’s reporter Kendra Clark explains how TikTok plans to limit screen time for teens may impact advertisers.

21. Chief Marketer

Edited by Kaylee Hultgren for almost 5 years, Chief Marketer covers MarTech, B2B marketing, and consumer-related news in the form of articles, webinars, newsletters, and whitepapers.

Among the most engaging pieces is an article devoted to the role of customer data hygiene for ad campaign performance and a report that explains how companies can leverage a brand tracking strategy.

22. MediaPost

MediaPost Inc. is a multifaceted publishing house led by its editor-in-chief of 19 years, Joe Mandese. This outlet provides access to a wide range of resources for media marketing and advertising professionals. They cover a wide range of topics related to publishers, digital transformation, post-COVID recovery, and brand and product marketing. They also provide readers with in-house surveys and research on the market.

One of the latest articles covered the arrival of, which generates marketing and sales copy using OpenAI’s GPT model. Another insightful analysis covers the industry of local TV stations, demonstrating that their retransmission revenues are decreasing.

23. ClickZ

ClickZ is a comprehensive online source of interactive marketing news, information, commentary, advice, opinion, research, and references. Its knowledgeable coverage, commissioned and edited by Benjamin Broomfield, addresses everything from search to email trends, with a good portion of MarTech, marketing industry, and tech-focused content. In addition, ClickZ offers readers its own research-based whitepapers and a podcast.

In January, they covered a topic that is valuable for marketers and explained how analytics helps acquire more customers with fewer investments in advertising. The latest article devoted to innovations overviews how brands should leverage Twitter in 2023.

24. Digiday

Digiday focuses on digital media, marketing, and advertising news. Their editor-in-chief is Jim Cooper, an award-winning editor with 20+ years of experience in developing content for digital and print media. Digiday provides in-depth coverage on media buying, marketing, the future of TV, a post-cookie future, gaming and esports, emerging technologies in AdTech/MarTech, and more.

At the beginning of 2023, they discussed the uncertainty of in-game advertising, which is growing as advertisers seek ad placements inside premium games. Another recent discussion addressed TV briefing and its future based on the revenues of Disney, Netflix, Roku, and Warner Bros.

Top tech & market research media with AdTech/MarTech sections

This list consists of business tech outlets that have a dedicated AdTech and/or MarTech section with content that is relevant for the MadTech community.

Top tech and market research media
Top tech and market research media

25. VentureBeat

In the fields of data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, VentureBeat is regarded as a top outlet that prepares expert content on media topics. Additionally, it provides insightful coverage of the gaming sector. Topics from AI to gaming, small companies to enterprises, AR/VR to 5G, and more are all covered in their publications. VentureBeat also holds small-scale meetups and significant flagship events.

They recently discussed AI-powered conversational tools and their impact on shopping. Among the latest articles, there is also an overview of low-code/no-code platforms, which are gaining momentum and can fuel software app development.

26. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is a technology news website that focuses on reviewing disruptive technologies. The site was founded in 2005 by Michael Arrington and is currently owned by Verizon Media.

Headed by the editor-in-chief of almost 10 years Matthew Panzarino, TechCrunch explores a wide range of technology-related topics, including startups, digital and mobile app development, e-commerce, social media news, and investment. TechCrunch also has an annual conference called Disrupt, which is held in several cities around the world and focuses on bringing together startups, venture capitalists, and technology leaders.

AdTech-related articles on TechCrunch cover methods of using digital advertising during a downturn and review AWS clean rooms, a sought-after solution due to changes in data privacy laws.

27. ReadWrite

ReadWrite is a website that was founded as a personal blog by Richard MacManus in 2003 and has evolved into a technology-related media. The international team led by CEO Philippe Cases covers a wide range of topics: the Internet of Things, mobile technology, web development, AR/VR, FinTech, and others.

ReadWrite’s cofounder and editor-in-chief Brad Anderson monitors the quality of contributed content that focuses on in-depth analysis of technology trends, news, and reviews of products and services. In addition to its editorial content, ReadWrite provides a range of resources, including industry reports and research, as well as events and webinars.

Their marketing articles discussed important guidance for software providers in SaaS growth strategies for 2023 and explained how ML helps detect fraud in finance. Xenoss also uses ML modes based on similar functioning principles for programmatic ad fraud detection.

28. IT Pro

IT Pro provides technology news, analysis, and resources for IT professionals. The website covers a wide range of topics, including cloud computing, cybersecurity, data management, and more.

The team, headed by managing editor Dale Walker provides expert analysis and commentary on industry trends, reviews of the latest technology products and services, e-books, white papers, and events.

One of the marketing articles discussed how IP will completely replace outdated PSTN by 2025, ensuring a new foundation for digital transformation. Another prominent piece highlighted WhatsApp’s intention to provide its service despite state restrictions in certain countries.

29. is an online publication that covers European technology news, offers insights, and an event calendar to enable readers to track important happenings in the technology ecosystem. Its founding editor is Robin Wauters, who has been in this position since 2013.

Focusing on the European market, highlights a wide range of topics: startups, venture capital, mobile technology, e-commerce, and more. They track technology M&A and funding deals, providing an overview of the European tech ecosystem. In addition, produces its own podcast and offers deeply analytical data-driven reports.

They recently overviewed EU blockchain investment and EV battery passports as a step towards commercialization of blockchain mobility. One of the latest news pieces is devoted to the appointment of a new CFO in Berlin’s platform Grover.

30. Information Age

Information Age is a UK-based website for technology leaders that offers news, research, analysis, and live events. It provides insights into the digital transformation of businesses and covers a wide range of topics, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, big data, IoT, and more. They also provide a range of resources for their audience: whitepapers, e-books, and webinars.

Their articles about AdTech and omnichannel marketing discuss technology developments and targeting across mobile, video, and other channels. For example, their guide on marketing mobile apps explains the recent trend of game promotion in this competitive landscape. In another piece, they discuss trends that may fuel digital transformation in 2023.

31. Insider Intelligence

Insider Intelligence is a market research company that analyzes the technology sector and produces materials on digital media and e-commerce. They often cover advertising and marketing and offer the audience market reports, surveys, forecasts, and webinars.

Editor Kora Fillet, who has been associated with this media since 2020, works closely with researchers and analysts to visualize data and support data-driven decision-makers in different areas, including digital marketing, telecoms, and healthcare.

Their recent MarTech-related report covered the crucial role of Email in B2B Marketing, which emphasizes that 83% of B2B marketers track content performance using email engagement metrics. In another recent report, Insider Intelligence predicts ad spending in the first quartile of 2023.

32. MarkTechPost

MarkTechPost is a niche outlet specializing in AI news and covering such topics as NLP, deep learning, MLOps, computer vision, and robotics. It was cofounded and is edited by CEO Asif Razzaq, who also worked in health tech prior to founding the outlet in 2019.

In addition to providing news, they summarize research papers and technical developments in the field. MarkTechPost’s publications may be of interest to ML engineers, data scientists, CTOs, and software architects.

In the latest articles, MarkTechPost focuses on summaries of research papers, tech trends, and news. They released a piece on Microsoft’s multimodal large language model and reviewed top AI voice generators that can also be used for advertising.

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Top MarTech/AdTech newsletters

AdTech newsletters
AdTech newsletters

In this final section, we suggest newsletters that are worth subscribing to. They cover different topics and niches that can correlate with the interests of the MarTech/AdTech audience.

33. Mike Shields

Mike Shields is the host of the Next in Marketing podcast, an experienced writer who covers advertising and media at Business Insider, and a CEO at Shields Strategic Consulting. His newsletter covers a range of topics relevant to marketing and advertising: social media, ad campaigns, industry news, streaming, and many more.

They’re a must-read for anyone in MarTech due to his research-backed opinions and insight. For example, Mike Shields discussed why despite the rise of gaming, in-game advertising didn’t grow correspondingly. Recently, he wrote a great piece on AI’s influence on media buying agencies.

34. Today in Digital Marketing

Today in Digital Marketing is a concise news summary from Tod Maffin, president of social engagement agency engageQ, who covers social networking, SEO/SEM, internet advertising, content marketing, ad campaigns, and podcasts.

It’s a high volume newsletter, which, depending on the subscription, sends readers 2-3 stories every Friday or up to 10 stories every weekday. These stories immerse readers into the state of digital marketing and updates in the ecosystem that they may have missed. For example, Tod recently discussed marketers’ concerns about Meta’s AI and overviewed how TikTok tests ad formats.

35. The Rebooting

The Rebooting is a highly esteemed newsletter providing insight into digital media. It’s written by a digital advertising journalist, formerly of Digiday and Adweek, Brian Morrissey. He covers AdTech, digital journalism, and other ad business-related topics.

Brian writes approximately 7 times a month and has been producing a newsletter since 2020, so there is a lot to read through on a range of topics. Recently, he discussed the thorny issue of ownership in media and the ”identity crisis”, finding out how the future of digital media may look.

36. Unmade Media

Unmade is a relatively new media founded by Tim Burrowes in 2021. It covers global marketing news visualized through an Australian lens. Unmade strives to provide the global marketing community with insights that might otherwise be lost in the daily schedule of press release-driven coverage. They overview retail media, radio, television-related, and industry news, also offering a podcast and a constantly updated list of Australian stock exchange companies.

With 13000+ email subscribers, Unmade engages the audience, posting several editions every week. Those based in Australia or looking to understand the Australian digital marketing and media landscape will greatly appreciate this newsletter, although it addresses issues relevant to anyone in media and marketing. Recent topic discussions are dedicated to Amazon as the biggest Australia’s online retailer and broadcast TV as a viewing medium.

37. Technically

The Technically substack can be best described as an explainer newsletter. Discussing technical terms, tools, and all things software, it aims to give a complete understanding of different terminologies to those who work with software and feel they have blind spots.

It has thousands of paid subscribers, as there is a mix of free and paid posts, with around 3 newsletters per month. Posts date back to 2020, so there is a range of content to learn from. Unlike almost all the other outlets and newsletters, this is best suited to those non-technical professionals who work in or with software in some capacity: marketers, sales, and other non technical specialists.

Recently, Technically explained encryption, overviewing principles of its functioning and role in the protection of sensitive information. Another guest post that is gaining popularity explains Blockchain with its structure, classification, and applications.

38. People vs Algorithms

People vs Algorithms is all about “media and cultural transformation”, with a lot of coverage on artificial intelligence. Troy Young, a successful media executive, private equity advisor, investor, and entrepreneur, writes this newsletter. He cofounded a successful digital ad agency and led several start-ups with rapid growth.

Troy’s newsletter addresses multiple critical topics for those in MarTech/AdTech, such as artificial intelligence, changes in retail, social media industry news, content marketing, e-commerce, and more.

This newsletter posts 3-4 editions each month, going back to October 2021. Recently he covered AI and other changes to advertising, as well as AI and changes to the media, exploring how the coming AI era will transform different sectors of the industry.

39. The Analytics Engineering Roundup

The Analytics Engineering Roundup is curated by an experienced team headed by a well-versed data analyst and start-up executive Tristan Handy, founder of dbt Labs. It covers everything you could need to know about data analytics and targets a relatively knowledgeable audience. They also host a podcast where they talk with data practitioners.

This newsletter was launched 2 years ago and produces 5-6 letters each month. The latest content addresses different aspects of data and analytics engineering. For example, they discuss data “downtime”, highlighting problems with datasets and drawing an analogy between programming and data work. Also, they cover metrics, KPIs, and OKRs – the topic that resonates with marketing and advertising specialists.

40. The Martech Weekly

Martech Weekly is a newsletter about MarTech written by Juan Mendoza, who is proficient in tactical customer strategies and also has a podcast twice a month. This newsletter is highly commendable and respected across MarTech. It reviews the latest ideas, news, and research that may show where the industry is moving and what to expect in the near future.

There are around 160 editions of Martech Weekly, catering to senior and executive-level specialists. The latest editions cover news and trends, including cloud data warehouse for storing marketing data and the widely discussed chaos of cookie fallout.

41. FirstPartyCapital Newsletter

This newsletter, written by the digital media investment fund FirstPartyCapital, covers MadTech and disruptive startups.

The newsletter has been published since 2021, with 2-4 editions each month. In their newsletters, FirstPartyCapital discusses industry news and offers valuable and relevant advice for anyone in MadTech. In the latest edition, they discussed the inevitability of fragmentation caused by cookie deprecation and analyzed the recovery of AdTech stocks. Another previous edition overviewed independent AdTech, clean rooms, and privacy.

42. Mobile Dev Memo

Crafted by Eric Benjamin Seufert, a media strategist, quantitative marketer, and author, Mobile Dev Memo is a mobile advertising and freemium monetization trade blog. While it specializes in mobile-related content, such as social media and in-app data and privacy, it also covers marketing and advertising consumer insights, CTV services, e-commerce, and other MadTech-related topics.

It’s a relatively high-output newsletter, sometimes with several posts a week. Mobile Dev Memo has covered branded search advertising and also highlighted how Spotify relies on podcast advertising and buys media networks, podcasting studios, measurement services, etc.

Final remarks

Staying on top of recent developments in AdTech and MarTech can be difficult. However, there is a wide – and growing – range of content out there. We expect to see more newsletters on Substack and elsewhere and more niche outlets develop over time.

Following news outlets and subscribing to newsletters can provide a heavy-duty handle on the ecosystem and major news. The wide selection of AdTech/MarTech media we provided can help you to find what is best suited for your needs and interests.

Do you think we missed a key outlet or newsletter? Let us know at as we understand that the media landscape is changing all the time and will require updating.