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34 MarTech/AdTech podcasts and webcasts worth subscribing to

PostedDecember 9, 2022 13 min read
Top AdTech podcast - Xenoss blog


In the swiftly changing AdTech/MarTech landscape, it is imperative to keep tabs on recent technological and ecosystem developments. And there is no better way to do it than to tune in to the industry conversations and get the knowledge first-hand from its movers and shakers. Podcasts are outlets where industry experts frequently spill the beans and share insights you wouldn’t get on corporate blogs or news articles. Yet, with a recent tsunami of new podcasts, separating the wheat from the chaff is difficult.

To help you stay on top of industry trends, we surveyed our team, clients, and partners and picked the most relevant podcast for our key expertise topics – complex software solutions in AdTech and MarTech, AI, big data, high load problems, and cost optimization.

Corporate AdTech/MarTech podcasts and webcasts

We start our list with corporate podcasts produced by in-house teams of products and agencies. Usually very narrow in scope, they can provide indispensable knowledge on the interworkings of the titans of the industry, companies that set the pace and tone in the market.

Top corporate AdTech/MarTech podcasts-Xenoss blog

Real Identity Podcast

Apple podcasts rate: 5.0

Real Identity Podcast, hosted by Acxiom, a treasure chest of insights, rightfully advertises itself as a “real talk” about emerging identity trends and challenges. Interviews are hosted by Dustin Raney and Kyle Hollaway and cover retail advertising, CTV, identity, post-cookie world, data management, and other topics. Listeners can tune into conversations with esteemed industry people, executives from InfoSum, Snowflake, Roku, and Yahoo, among the top guests.

Next in Marketing podcast

Apple podcasts rate: 5.0

Next in Marketing podcast is a great show run by the AppsFlyer and hosted by Michael Shields. In regular episodes, Mike talks to AdTech leaders about technology, data, media, and advertising. The podcast is a professional yet laid-back discussion on key industry topics: ad business, cookieless future, TV advertising, retail media, etc. Listeners can hear opinions of executives from Kroger, Action Network, TripleLift, WarnerMedia, Roblox, and Mondelēz International.

In the sandbox with…

Apple podcasts rate: 5.0

In the sandbox with… is an outstanding gaming podcast backed by the AppsFlyer with Adam Smart and Piyush Mishra hosting the show. The podcast covers SKAD changes, investments, ad fraud, creativity, and other advertising topics. Among the top podcast guests are executives from Kayzen, Dataseat, King, Reality Gaming Group, MobilityWare, Paradyme Games, and others.

AdTech heroes podcast

Apple podcasts rate: 5.0

The AdTech heroes by Seedtag, a contextual advertising solution, is a great starting point in industry-specific AdTech research with interviews of thought leaders in advertising technology. All episodes are accompanied by a detailed description for easy navigation and provide a good look into one of the core AdTech topics, including programmatic advertising, privacy regulations, and market consolidation. Podcast host Dal Singh Gill regularly invites insiders from Kinesso, Roku, Cisco, PwC, Publicis Media, MiQ, Financial Times, and others.

AdTech Unfiltered podcast

Apple podcasts rate: 4.8

AdTech Unfiltered is definitely worth checking out. This podcast is powered by Basis Technologies and examines key concepts and ideas in AdTech, digital advertising, and marketing. Directed by Noor Naseer, the podcast is a great example of quality content made with love for guests and listeners.

Unfortunately, the podcast went into hibernation a couple of months ago, but we are extremely hopeful for next season. AdTech Unfiltered showcases crude industry conversations on in-house programmatic, retail, digital marketing, AdTech consultancy, etc. The episodes have a pretty impressive speakers lineup, including executives from UpLevel Digital Media Consulting, Enlighten, Index Exchange, IAB, and Facebook.

What the AdTech podcast

Apple podcasts rate: 5.0

What the AdTech podcast by Quantcast is a sensational series run by Somer Simpson (ex-Quantcast, now VP of Product at Amplitude). It is full of thought-provoking, honest, and raw conversations about the future of ethics in advertising, marketing, and publishing.

The podcast is currently on hold, but old episodes are worth listening to. This podcast covers the cookieless future, identity, privacy, ethics in AI and technology, big tech, and other trending topics. Among the most intriguing speakers are bosses from Nobl, My Code Media, Orange Silicon Valley, Leaf Group.

Attribution Marketing podcast

Apple podcasts rate: 5.0

Attribution Marketing podcast by LeadsRx, a marketing analytics SaaS, would come in handy for marketers who are focused on improving their return on ad spend. The show spotlights attribution, digital marketing, OTT/CTV, broadcast advertising, conversion tracking, and other optimization methodologies. Among the guests invited by Lucas Sommer are executives from Barney, iHeart Media, MarTechTribe, MarketMuse, and others.

INCRMNTAL: Podrick the Podcast

INCRMNTAL is a podcasting powerhouse that produces interviews, roundtables, and opinion pieces about the mobile advertising industry, measurement, attribution, analytics, and other mobile-related content. The podcast delivers insights into data science, entrepreneurship, machine learning, and incrementality measurement to better elucidate various aspects of mobile advertising. Hosted by Maor Sadra, the podcast is a great example of carefully curated content made in partnership with top names in the mobile industry. Among the guests are leaders from Verve Group, Voodoo, Rovio, Smadex, Trade Republic, and others.

Amobee Out Loud podcast

Apple podcasts rate: 4.8

Amobee Out Loud is another example of an excellent company-owned podcast where Pam Zucker and Valerie Bischak humanize the complexity of the advertising industry. The podcast hosts weekly, thought-provoking discussions with industry leaders from different sides of the advertising space. The primary topics of the podcast are CTV, addressable TV, attention economy, walled gardens, and other AdTech matters. Industry leaders from NBCUniversal, GroupM, PARQOR, and Forrester are among the show’s frequent guests.

Future, Faster podcast

Future, Faster podcast, powered by MiQ, is an unbiased look at the trends, topics, and technologies shaping the future of advertising with some of the savviest experts in the industry. Podcast host Will Green invites leaders from Environics Analytics, Good Loop, Good Impression, Tombras, and IAB. Unfortunately, the podcast is now on hold, but you can still get access to the archive; episodes about cookieless advertising and identity future are the most noteworthy.

The Current Podcast

Apple podcasts rate: 5.0

The Current Podcast from The Trade Desk is full of insider perspectives with weekly series full of excerpts from marketing managers of the world’s most influential brands and agencies. The podcast features sophisticated AdTech topics, all explained in plain English. Primary topics include digital transformation, gaming, advertising, mobile marketing, and data-driven marketing. Among the top speakers, invited by co-hosts George Slefo and Ilyse Liffreing, are C-level executives from Kimberly-Clark, IAB, Campbell’s, L’Oréal, Carat, BBDO, and Nissan.

Publishing Out Loud podcast

Publishing Out Loud, an illuminating podcast by AdPushup offers its audience thought-provoking discussions on topics that matter most to publishers, media companies, and technology providers. The podcast breaks down complex AdTech in the “Explain Like I’m 5” format, brought by Shaunak Thakkar and Shivam Tyagi. The main topics covered in the episodes include header bidding, first-party data, data compliance, ad performance, and the future of media. Leaders from National Public Media, Graphite, BrandTotal, EssentiallySports, and Pinkvilla are among the frequent guests.

The AdPod podcast

The AdPod is a practical AdTech podcast dedicated to examining key issues in the industry. In every episode, Wayne Blodwell chats with expert guests about technologies that underpin the advertising industry. Core topics covered are programmatic transparency, targeting techniques, data privacy and protection, open RTB, and the future of CTV. Among the guests are leaders from Kimberly-Clark, MiQ, Publica, IAB Tech Lab, ID5, and other prominent companies.

Futurum Tech Webcast

Apple podcasts rate: 5.0

Futurum Tech Webcast, with 45.4K subscribers on Youtube, is an excellent show powered by Futurum Research. The webcast offers weekly deep dives into the latest tech news, new products and services, earnings, regulations, and more. The webcast covers everything happening in the AdTech space — from new startups to mergers and acquisitions. Webcast hosts Shelly Kramer, Daniel Newman, and Lauren Kirkpatrick conduct in-depth interviews on customer data platforms and customer lifecycle management, operational efficiency, and other technical and business topics. Among the top speakers are executives from Telesign, Coveo, DataXstream, Qualcomm Technologies, SAP, and Adobe. Episodes are available both in video and audio versions on podcast platforms.

The Programmatic Life podcast

In brand-new The Programmatic Life podcast Xandr is putting a spotlight on the driving forces of the programmatic world. As a leading, programmatic end-to-end platform, Xandr has strong relationships across the programmatic ecosystem, allowing podcast hosts Karan Singh and Amina Begum to invite executives from Scope3, Warner Brothers Discovery, Publica, Initiative, Asahi Europe & International, and other pillars of the industry. The podcast is made with great care for listeners and is full of hard-hitting questions. The podcast is new (started November 2022), with only a few episodes so far, but it’s off to a very promising start.

Independent AdTech/MarTech podcasts and webcasts

Those are nonpartisan podcasts created by industry enthusiasts for industry enthusiasts. They are not targeting the general audience and can dive into the pretty hardcore technical stuff. But if you are aspiring to be a true MadTech luminary, you need to listen up.

Top independent AdTech MarTech podcasts - Xenoss blog

Paleo AdTech

Apple podcasts rate: 5.0

Paleo AdTech by Martin Kihn and his team is a series of weekly in-depth interviews with the pioneers who spearheaded the last two decades of advertising technology. Martin is an ad agency veteran, serial author, former industry analyst, and marketing cloud product strategist. Martin and his colleagues speak to marketing and advertising gurus who have been shaping the industry. Executives from The 98, InfoSum, mParticle, Index Exchange, The Trade Desk, and GTM Group are among the most prominent guests.

Modern CTO podcast

Apple podcasts rate: 5.0

Modern CTO podcast, led by Joel Beasley, is the place where CTOs hang out. Core topics covered in the show are artificial Intelligence, data governance, and robotics. The guest list includes leaders from LinkedIn, TikTok, InMobi, ZenDesk, IBM, Ring, Microsoft, and others.

The Tech Talks Daily podcast

Apple podcasts rate: 5.0

The Tech Talks Daily podcast and Youtube webcast is a sensational daily show where Neil C. Hughes interviews tech leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, futurists, technologists, thought leaders, and celebrities. Podcast topics are highly technical, and executives from HarperDB, ManageEngine, Cirque du Soleil, Wolters Kluwer, and Ericsson talk on AI, machine learning, 5G, IoT, AR, VR blockchain, crypto, and digital transformation.

Key Values

Key Values is a podcast where Paul Farrow and Alex Cone untangle the mess of data protection, privacy, and profit sharing in the ad-funded internet. The podcast discusses the recent development in identity tech: data clean rooms, Google Privacy Sandbox, Topics API, the future of behavioral targeting, etc.

The IAB UK Podcast

The IAB UK Podcast brings you the wisdom of digital professionals from the United Kingdom. The podcast is hosted by IAB UK’s CMO James Chandler, and provides listeners with a comprehensive overview of the data landscape, metaverse, ad-supported streaming, digital advertising, etc. Among the most intriguing guests are executives from Meta, BBC Studios, Oracle Advertising, Hogan Lovells, The Women in Programmatic Network, and PwC.

The MarTech Podcast

Apple podcasts rate: 4.7

The MarTech Podcast is a Benjshap LLC production, curated and hosted by Benjamin Shapiro himself. The podcast brings you the stories of world-class marketers using technology to generate growth.

This unparalleled podcast with convenient navigation filters for topics and guests unearths the triumphs and fiascos of industry leaders and shares the tools, tips, and tricks that they’ve learned along the way. As a bonus, Benjamin produces a MarTech newsletter on current trends.

Core topics covered are growth strategies, branding, AI, privacy, and entrepreneurship. Leaders from Kajabi, Wistia, Safegraph, Zapier, and Socialbakers are among the speakers.

The Programmatic Society

Apple podcasts rate: 5.0

With 1.61K subscribers on Youtube, The Programmatic Society is a delightful weekly video series that covers the advertising data landscape and programmatic ecosystem. Core topics covered are programmatic advertising, the deprecation of third-party cookies, and publisher monetization.

Among the top speakers are executives from Orixa Media, Syndicat des Régies Internet, Ogury, Publicis Media, Xandr, Mindshare, PHD, ESV Digital, Digital Virgo, Google France, IAB Europe, and others.

The project website has a backstages section for fans to understand the details of how a media product is created. Episodes are released in English and French. Hosts Michel Juvillier and Hossein Houssaini provide marketing, advertising, and e-commerce experts the opportunity to discuss strategic and operational challenges of the digital market. The show is made at a high-professional media level. Episodes are also released as audio versions on podcast platforms.


Apple podcasts rate: 4.8

CXOTalk is a charming webcast and podcast with video interviews on ad business, technology, and leadership. Key topics include AI, data science, digital transformation, and evolving media business models. With 20.2K subscribers on Youtube, it is hosted by renowned industry analyst Michael Krigsman. Among the top speakers are executives from Citibank, Accenture, Philips, Google Cloud, Verizon, and others.

The MarTech Show

The MarTech Show is a good example of a high-quality webcast. The gracious host of this show is Scott Brinker – a leading figure in the MarTech space, VP platform ecosystem at Hubspot, and a bestselling author. He had great conversations with executives from Digitas, MongoDB, Forrester, Trust Insights, and others. Unfortunately, the show hasn’t had new episodes since February 2021, and we (at Xenoss) hope for its new season to start.

The Programmatic Digest podcast

Apple podcasts rate: 5.0

The Programmatic Digest is a brilliant webcast hosted by Helene Parker. This 25-45 minute weekly show rounds up fresh programmatic and digital headlines. Published both in audio and video formats, the show overviews programmatic buying and trading, connected TV, the cookieless future, and first-party data strategy. Among the top speakers invited are leaders from Affinity Solutions, Essence Global, Hearts & Science, TripleLift, IAB, and others.

Media-owned AdTech/MarTech podcasts and webcasts

Below, you will find podcasts powered by the most esteemed media in the industry. The list contains niche podcast publishers that gather analytics on AdTech M&As and MarTech trends, and extensively cover technologies behind these bustling industries. These podcasts do their best to remain unbiased and present a balanced overview of the topic in question.

Top-media-owned-AdTech-MarTech-podcasts- Xenoss blog

MadTech podcast and webcast

Apple podcasts rate: 4.7

MadTech podcast is an excellent example of an irregular format made with class and professionalism. Shows are expert talks on the recent AdTech/MarTech trends and the latest news stories, with a special guest each week. You can dig deep into retail media advertising, marketing budgets and analytics, video streaming, deprecation of third-party identifiers, header bidding, blockchain technology, etc.

The webcast is hosted by ExchangeWire CEO Ciarán O’Kane, among the frequent guests are executives from Criteo, Kroger and Albertsons, Walmart, Realm, Sitecore, Wunderman Thompson Commerce, OpenX, Lytzen, Alkimi Exchange, Constellation Network, and others. The webcast is excellent in its own right and has 2.4K subscribers on Youtube.

AdWeek presents…

Apple podcasts rate: 5.0

AdWeek presents… invites listeners for masterclasses in marketing from some of the heaviest hitters in the industry. This unparalleled podcast hosted by Al Mannarino is about branding, direct TV, sports marketing, and other topics covered in the AdWeek specials.

Yeah,That’s Probably an Ad

Apple podcasts rate: 4.7

Yeah,That’s Probably an Ad is a remarkable presentation hosted by Shannon Miller and Luz Corona (from Adweek) on the highs and lows of creativity, advertising, marketing, media, and technology. The podcast covers PR, culture-forward advertising, media networks, and the creator economy. Among the top guests are executives from Uber Eats, Forrester, AB Inbev, etc.

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The Business of Marketing podcast

Apple podcasts rate: 5.0

The Business of Marketing is another excellent podcast from the Adweek family dedicated to marketing and branding, customer insights, and influencer marketing. The project is hosted by Toby Daniels and features conversations with C-level executives who share their stories of driving business transformation. Among the top speakers are executives from 5S Diversity, Discover, Hulu, Walker & Company, AccuWeather, SNAP, BACARDÍ, and others.

NDA Meets podcast

Apple podcasts rate: 5.0

NDA Meets, a New Digital Age podcast, is full of in-depth interviews with some of the industry’s most innovative, interesting, and illuminating leaders. NDA Meets is part of The New Digital Age Podcast Hub with speakers from LiveRamp, Reach plc, Nano Interactive, Waz, Adludio, Deliveroo,, DoubleVerify, and others. The podcast’s host Justin Pearse pays special attention to covering tracking and marketing metrics, the future of the mobile ad experience, digital out-of-home, and contextual targeting’s role in a post-third-party cookie world.

It’s Always Media Thursday podcast

It’s Always Media Thursday is another flawless show from The New Digital Age family. In the show, NDA editor Justin Pearse and publisher Andy Oakes chat with guests from Index Exchange, Whalar, Captify, PodPod, Incubate, The Advisory Collective, and other major AdTech companies. The podcast’s topics range from talent and recruitment in the digital industry to coverage of major industry events such as DMEXCO, Programmatic Pioneers, and Cannes Lions.

AdExchanger Talks podcast

Apple podcasts rate: 4.5

AdExchanger Talks is an amazing advertising technology podcast from the AdExchanger family. In the podcast, an award-winning editorial team led by Allison Schiff interviews industry leaders and explores the issues and trends that matter to brand marketers, ad agencies, publishers, media companies, and technology providers. The podcast covers data ethics, contextual signals, challenges to addressability, retail media future, and CTV advertising. Among the most intriguing guests are executives from T-Mobile Advertising Solutions, Blockthrough, Forrester, Walmart Connect, ShowHeroes, and Roku.

The Big Story podcast

Apple podcasts rate: 4.8

The Big Story podcast is another on-point weekly podcast hosted by the AdExchanger executive editor Sarah Sluis that features a roundtable discussion on the week’s loudest news stories. The podcast episodes present a vibrant palette of prominent AdTech conversations on political advertising, incrementality measurement, geotargeted CTV, data clean rooms, transparency, and privacy .

The Digiday podcast

Apple podcasts rate: 4.3

The Digiday podcast is a weekly show on the issues that matter to brands, agencies, and publishers as they transition to the digital age. It is a very well-done show that covers the day-to-day business challenges of media and key trends in programmatic advertising. Brilliant hosts Tim Peterson and Kayleigh Barber invite leaders from Vox Media, The Daily Beast, CBS News, Wonder Media Network, Politico, UM Worldwide, and Semafor.


The AdTech/MarTech podcasts genre is still in its infancy and has yet to develop into a coherent content niche. The bulk of the shows was developed amid the COVID pandemic as a place-holder for offline meetups, conferences, and panel discussions. Nevertheless, many podcasts have come of age since then and now produce unparalleled content and foster prolific communities around them.

A podcast is a great tool for conducting preliminary research on a company or industry, getting to the bottom of specific ad technology, or just getting up to speed on current industry trends. Our list is far from exhaustive, but it would be a good starting point for your research.

Haven’t found your favorite AdTech and MarTech show on the list? Write to us at and share your recommendations. We’d happily include more interesting podcasts and webcasts in the selection.