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Xenoss to sponsor AI & Big Data Online Day 2021 сonference

Posted on September 23, 2021

Xenoss is glad to announce our gold sponsorship of the AI and Big Data Day 2021, a biannual conference for the Data Science community in Ukraine held on October, 23.

The event brings together data scientists, ML engineers, IT company executives, software developers, and data analysts together to share their experiences and discuss the latest trends in AI and ML software development.

Thirty speakers will cover three conference tracks:

Data Science Solutions

  • Interesting data science cases
  • Solutions for industry-wide problems
  • Best practices for data science solution development

AI Business

  • Startup competition
  • Startup Pitches
  • How to sell data science solutions

Machine Learning

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Models and algorithms for various solutions

Xenoss is excited to support the growth and development of AI and Data Science initiatives in Ukraine.

If you want to join the event and get a -50% discount on tickets to AI and Big Data Online Day 2021, use our promo code “xenoss”.

About Xenoss

Xenoss is a NY-based software dev lab that builds data-centric solutions and solves complex big data, AI and high-load problems.

For 15+ years, the Xenoss team has been helping companies build custom software products supported by machine learning, automation systems, computer vision, and high-performance infrastructure.

The software the Xenoss team develops is the cornerstone of multi-billion dollar businesses and is used by large-scale enterprises, including Nestlé, Adidas, Uber, and HSBC.

Various independent agencies have named Xenoss one of the leading tech partners — the company has been recognized as top machine learning company by TechReviewer, leading software developer partners by Designrush among other awards.