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Valery Sverdlik Joins Xenoss to Lead Delivery Management

Posted on April 12, 2022
Valery Sverdlik Joins Xenoss to Lead Delivery Management

Xenoss is pleased to announce a new executive hire. We are fortifying our ranks with the appointment of Valery Sverdlik as the Delivery Director. In this role, he will ensure the efficiency of the delivery organizational structure, optimization of processes and documentation, as well as the synergy of the teams’ expertise.

Valery will take responsibility for the technical development of all new and ongoing projects. He will lead Xenoss tech operations and work closely with delivery managers across the company to facilitate project culture and client relationships while ensuring the proper alignment of goals and objectives. 

Valery brings a wealth of software development and management experience to Xenoss. Before joining the company, Valery was the Delivery Manager at EPAM Systems, a global public software development company operating in 40+ countries, where he led the development of multi-enterprise applications. 

Before moving to leadership positions, Valery acquired extensive software development expertise, with 15 years within product and service teams, such as Ciklum, CHI Software, Knowit Experience, and Team International, that work on projects for global brands Microsoft, Amazon, Goodyear, Aramark, and others. 

Dmitry Sverdlik, CEO at Xenoss, commented on the hiring:

We are very excited to have Valery join the team. In the ever-changing AdTech/MarTech world, with rapid shifts in the competitive landscape and data privacy regulations, the Delivery Director with Valery’s credentials can provide clients with more streamlined communications, clear and predictable goal setting to exceed on-time, in-full delivery objectives while reducing operating costs.

Quote Dmitry Sverdlik


Valery Sverdlik elaborates on his appointment:

I am thrilled to join Xenoss and lead the company’s delivery management. I’ve spent the last fifteen years building software solutions and streamlining delivery processes. I’m excited to apply my accumulated knowledge to further strengthen the company’s delivery management team. With Xenoss having a unique MarTech low-code platform, high engineering seniority, and exciting high-scale AdTech/Martech platforms to build for the clients, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to be part of this remarkable endeavor.

About Xenoss

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