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Xenoss to sponsor, host and speak at Software Architecture Fwdays 2021

Posted on October 22, 2021
Xenoss at Software Architecture fwdays 2021

The Xenoss team is sponsoring, hosting, and speaking at Software Architecture Fwdays’21 on October 30, 2021, an online event covering the challenges of building complex software architecture.

Xenoss CTO Vova Kyrychenko has over 15 years of experience in building software architectures, developing complex solutions, and leading tech teams.

He will give the talk: “Why we build bad architectures and how to stop doing it”. The presentation will touch on key mistakes in designing software architectures, impactful consequences errors can lead to, and ways to build state-of-art architectures.

Xenoss CTO Vova Kyrychenko speaker at Software Architecture fwdays 2021


The conference will be hosted in our office in Kyiv, Ukraine and streamed online.

Xenoss office for Software Architecture fwdays 2021


At the event, software architects from top Ukrainian and global companies will cover:

  • Low-code development
  • Software architecture consultancy
  • Designing architectures for AdTech, EdTech, and FinTech products
  • Production-driven development
  • And the list goes on!

Participate in Software Architecture Fwdays’21 with a 10% discount using the promo code Xenoss_10.

About Xenoss

Xenoss is a software development company focused on designing high load solutions. We build complex software products with scalable architectures that empower leading SaaS companies, like Nestlé, Adidas, Uber, HSBC, and others.

Technical expertise and software development proficiency of our developers has been recognized among industry experts — Xenoss is named the leading tech partner by AdExchanger, TechReviewer, DesignRush, and other independent agencies.