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Xenoss is attending New Video Frontiers 2024 in London

Posted on March 11, 2024

Xenoss is excited to announce that we will attend New Video Frontiers in London on March 20-21. 

New Video Frontiers is a flagship CTV conference hosted by Videoweek, a leading publication covering CTV advertising. The event gives brands, publishers, and agencies a platform to share perspectives and discuss the industry’s new challenges and frontiers. 

The Xenoss team will be represented by Dmitry Sverdlik, the CEO of Xenoss, and Xenoss AdTech engineering consultants Anastasia Bushuieva (book a Calendly meeting) and Vlad Busko (book a Calendly meeting).

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    We are excited to learn about the latest innovations in CTV and explore how AdTech vendors are using data science and machine learning to strengthen their AdTech stacks. 

    It will be an honor to reconnect face-to-face with people who are pushing the industry forward: Paul Gubbins, VP of CTV Strategy and Marketing at Publica, the editorial team of VideoWeek (Vincent Flood, editor-in-chief and Tim Cross, associate editor), Tim Willcox, regional VP, UK at PubMatic, Vicky Foster, VP, Global Commercial Partnerships and William Jones, Senior Director, Advanced TV and Omnichannel Activation at Adform, Anthony Katsur, CEO at IAB Tech Lab, and others. We are looking forward to hearing their thoughts on the hottest CTV topic.

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      For Xenoss, the conference is an excellent opportunity to learn about the challenges AdTech vendors, agencies, and publishers face when breaking into CTV and discuss ways technology can help the channel mature.

      “I am impressed with the range of topics and the versatility of the speaker panel for this year’s event. The topics chosen for the conference – privacy, AI, measurement, and adopting innovation in CTV – are timely in a landscape of post-cookie concerns and a high pace of innovation. At New Video Frontiers, I look forward to hearing the voices of industry frontrunners, who are laser-focused on making CTV a more open and transparent ecosystem.” 

      Dmitry Sverdlik, CEO at Xenoss

      Talking points of the event

      • CTV measurement
      • Creative innovation of CTV
      • AI disruption
      • Post-cookie impact
      • TV in 2030 
      • What advertisers really want

      To connect with Xenoss during the event, book a call or contact the attendees on LinkedIn.

      About New Video Frontiers

      New Video Frontiers 2024 is VideoWeek’s premier conference exploring key trends and innovations in video and CTV advertising. The event brings together industry leaders from brands, agencies, publishers, broadcasters, platforms, and technology companies. The conference, scheduled for March 20-21st in London, will be an environment for discussions on the future of video advertising, challenges, and opportunities in the CTV ecosystem. 

      About Xenoss

      Xenoss is an NYC-based MarTech/AdTech software development company. We build custom AI-driven software for technology vendors, media, agencies, brands, and publishers, including Activision Blizzard, Verve Group, Smartly, Voodoo, Venatus, and others. The software delivered by the team is the tech basis of multi-billion dollar businesses and is used by well-established enterprises, including Nestlé, Adidas, Virgin, Uber, and HSBC.

      We develop complex solutions from scratch for our clients, build development сenters, or assist their tech teams with improving existing solutions, solving AI/big data/high-load problems, building particular modules, and performing system optimization. Using Xenoss’ proprietary MarTech/AdTech low-code platform, we ensure the fastest time-to-market in the industry.