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Xenoss CMO Maria Novikova joins panel discussion at Aerospike Summit Berlin 2023

Posted on November 2, 2023
Xenoss at Aerospike Summit Berlin 2023


We are thrilled to announce that Xenoss, alongside AWS, Hometogo, and TomTom, is joining Aerospike as a partner for Aerospike Summit Berlin 2023. The conference will take place on November 9th in Berlin.

Aerospike Summit 2023 will bring technologists, developers, engineers, and architects together to share the best infrastructure modernization practices, present their sustainability strategies, and explore the impact of real-time data on growth and efficiency.

The event will follow the other successful collaborations of the two companies: Real-Time Connect, joined by Dmitry Sverdlik, Xenoss CEO, as a speaker, and the co-hosted webinar on building scalable data architectures.

We are also excited to share that Xenoss CMO Maria Novikova is one of the event’s keynote speakers. In her presentation, Maria will discuss the challenges AdTech projects face as they grow and the ways in which application modernization helps teams adapt to fast-paced changes.

Other speakers in the line-up will share the highlights of their experiences of enabling consistent, sustainable, and data-driven growth at cutting-edge organizations: AWS, Aerospike, HomeToGo, and TomTom.

Now that AdTech and other industries are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their activities and the need to adapt to ever-changing market conditions, there’s no better time to focus on sustainability, as well as app modernization.

It is a huge honor to be part of the event and join the expert panel to discuss modernization challenges, strategies, and best practices. I am looking forward to hearing from other speakers and connecting with Aerospike Summit Berlin attendees.

Maria Novikova, Xenoss CMO

Key topics on the agenda:

  • Transforming the infrastructure for sustainability
  • Scaling an AI vacation rental marketplace that requires low-latency access to real-time data
  • Approaches to application modernization across industries and organizations
  • Interlinking data management and sustainability

Join the Aerospike Summit Berlin 2023 to be part of the conversation and discuss emerging challenges, as well as opportunities in database engineering.

The event will open at 15:00 (Central European Time) on November 9th. The venue for the event TomTom Location Technology Germany GmbH, Alexanderstraße 36.

About Aerospike

The Aerospike Real-time Data Platform enables organizations to act instantly across billions of transactions while reducing server footprint up to 80%. Applications built on the Aerospike Real-time Data Platform fight fraud, provide recommendations that dramatically increase shopping cart size, enable global digital payments, and deliver hyper-personalized user experiences to tens of millions of customers.

Customers such as Airtel, Experian, European Central Bank, Nielsen, PayPal, Snap, Verizon Media, and Wayfair rely on Aerospike as their data foundation for the future.

About Xenoss

Xenoss is an NYC-based MarTech/AdTech software development company. We build custom AI-driven software for technology vendors, media, agencies, brands, and publishers, including Activision Blizzard, Verve Group, Smartly, Voodoo, Venatus, and others. The software delivered by the team is the tech basis of multi-billion dollar businesses and is used by well-established enterprises, including Nestlé, Adidas, Virgin, Uber, and HSBC.

We develop complex solutions from scratch for our clients, build development сenters, or assist their tech teams with improving existing solutions, solving AI/big data/high load problems, building particular modules, and performing system optimization. Using Xenoss’ proprietary MarTech/AdTech low-code platform, we ensure the fastest time-to-market in the industry.