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Xenoss CEO will speak at Real-Time Connect

Posted on April 20, 2023
Event Real-Time Connect

We’re thrilled to announce that Xenoss has partnered with Aerospike for Real-Time Connect, an executive networking event for AdTech/MarTech enthusiasts taking place in New York on May 2, 2023.  

Keynote speakers from Aerospike, Aqfer and Xenoss will address the productive and cost-effective use of large volumes of data in AdTech. 

In particular, Xenoss CEO Dmitry Sverdlik will reveal the typical problems of large-scale AdTech software development projects and share practice-based insights and considerations that businesses need to take to deliver great results.

We invite you to join us at Real-Time Connect to have meaningful conversations with industry veterans, share your experiences and enjoy the cocktail reception. 

Express your interest on the event page or via the form


Companies that become more multi-platform and have petabytes of real-time data are compelled to look for cost-efficient strategies to leverage available data at scale. The event’s speakers will cover tackling these challenges and building development teams for big AdTech projects. 

Real-Time Connect will contain three lectures with panel discussions about: 

  • Operationalizing identity data for real-time activation and the evolution of ecosystems across digital platforms
  • Addressing problems of large-scale AdTech software development projects 
  • Real-time data usage insights and ideas shaped by Aerospike’s cooperation with Nielsen, Roku, Freemwheel, and others   


Dmitry Sverdlik, CEO at Xenoss

Dmitry is CEO at Xenoss, an NYC-based AdTech/MarTech software development house, and has 20 years of experience working with tech companies and holding senior management, chief executive, and board member roles. Dmitry was part of the team behind the world’s first mobile DSP and led several AdTech startups to a successful exit. Xenoss’ solutions are used by Nestlé, Adidas, Samsung, and Uber, while the list of clients includes well-known market leaders, such as Activision Blizzard, Verve Group, Venatus, and Moloco. 

Dan Jaye, CEO at Aqfer

Dan is CEO at Aqfer, an executive and entrepreneur credited with inventing online behavioral advertising and pioneering internet privacy standards and data warehousing technology. He founded Korrelate and Engage and was the president of TACODA. Dan has experience in AdTech, privacy management technology, public policy and business strategy, database marketing, data warehousing, parallel database technology, and Big Data.

Daniel Landsman, Global Director, AdTech/MarTech/Gaming Solutions, Aerospike 

Daniel has over a decade of experience, having worked with some early pioneers in mobile programmatic ecosystems. He is a top-viewed writer in AdTech on Quora with over 140K views. Daniel has a unique experience working as a key member of the revenue teams for multiple exchanges, Big Data, Identity, AI, Data Platforms and DaaS businesses

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