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Senior Frontend SDE (React)

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Required skills:

  • 4+ years of software development
  • Strong FE development experience
  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Experience working with React.JS
  • Software design skills, design patterns
  • English: B1

What will you do

As a Front-End Developer on the project, you’ll play a pivotal role in crafting the user experience for this innovative media advertising platform. You’ll work closely with back-end developers and other team members to bring the solution to life. Here’s a glimpse into what your day-to-day might look like:

  • Develop Reusable UI Components: You’ll focus on building reusable and maintainable UI components that ensure consistency and efficiency across the interface. –
  • Implement Responsive Design: By implementing responsive design principles and techniques, you’ll ensure the solution provides an optimal user experience across various devices (desktops, tablets, mobiles).
  • Collaborate with Back-End Developers: You’ll work closely with back-end developers to integrate front-end components with back-end functionalities, ensuring seamless data flow and user interactions within the solution.
  • Conduct Unit Testing and Debugging: You’ll actively participate in unit testing your code to ensure functionality and identify bugs or errors. You’ll also be responsible for debugging and resolving any front-end issues that arise during development.
  • Stay Up-to-Date with Technologies: You’ll demonstrate a passion for continuous learning by staying updated on the latest front-end development trends, libraries, and frameworks to ensure the Booking Sandbox Solution leverages the most efficient and effective technologies.

What you will get

  • Teams of people who love programming
  • Complex technical challenges with big data/high-load
  • Freedom to make your own engineering decisions and broad space for creativity
  • Modern technology stack to work with
  • Work remotely or from the office options on a flexible schedule
  • Long-lasting projects
  • Financial compensation for professional events and education
  • Opportunity to choose the equipment you like


LightAd is looking to develop a proprietary performance-oriented DSP with an embedded optimization module supporting various billing models, including CPM, CPC, and CPA. The main goal is to bring the technology in-house and receive all the benefits of owning the IP, such as:
Customization: LightAd should have full control over the functionality of the solution. The solution’s ability to meet various business needs and requirements will set LightAd apart from the competition.
Scalability: LightAd DSP should be designed to scale as the business grows and have the flexibility of adding new features and capabilities. The constraints of white-label solutions will no longer be an obstacle for the business.
Security and compliance: Owning the IP allows the implementation of robust security measures, better control over data privacy, protection against security threats, etc.
Long-term cost savings: Owning the IP leads to long-term cost savings.
LightAd wants to avoid ongoing licensing fees and dependencies on third-party providers, which can become significant expenses over time.
Potential acquisition: The technology should be the valuation multiplier if LightAd considers going to the business scenario.


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