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Maria Novikova, Chief Revenue Officer at Xenoss, is now based in Canada to support North American expansion

Posted on May 17, 2024
Xenoss CRO Maria Novikova is now based in Canada


Xenoss is excited to announce that Maria Novikova, the company’s Chief Revenue Officer, is now based in Toronto, Canada. By expanding our leadership to the North America (NA) region, the company plans to additionally increase its involvement in local MarTech/AdTech industry events and further facilitate communication with Xenoss’ clients and partners. 

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After the relocation, Maria Novikova will become a reliable reference point for our regional clients and partners. Her responsibilities at Xenoss span sales and marketing leadership, client communication, and sharing our know-how at industry events: Programmatic I/O, Possible, and others.  

Xenoss’ continued expansion to the North American region will fuel the company’s fast-paced growth and development. The company, already named one of the leading software development companies in New York City, aims to further expand its footprint in MarTech and AdTech development and continuously support product teams, brands, publishers, and agencies across Canada and the United States with innovative technical solutions. 

Image of Xenoss CRO Maria Novikova in Toronto, Canada
Xenoss CRO Maria Novikova is now based in Toronto, Canada, to provide continuous support to the company’s clients and partners in the region

The company maintains its ongoing commitment to supporting our EMEA clients and partners. The team is focused on continuously improving the flexibility of our collaboration and supporting worldwide AdTech and MarTech vendors, publishers, brands, agencies, and in-house teams across various verticals with custom advertising, marketing, and data management tools. 

By supporting our North American clients and partners from Canada, I plan on creating new ways for the local AdTech community to access Xenoss’ engineering know-how through cutting-edge projects, ambitious partnerships, and thought leadership. Expanding our North American presence will help Xenoss stay in tune with important conversations among our US and Canadian colleagues. 

Maria Novikova, CRO at Xenoss

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