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5th Meetup of The Xenoss’s MarTech Discussion Club: MarTech Stack Used By Advertisers in Ukraine

Posted on October 26, 2020
5th Meetup of The Xenoss’s MarTech Discussion Club: MarTech Stack Used By Advertisers in Ukraine

In partnership with UIA, Xenoss held the fifth virtual meetup of the MarTech Discussion Club on October 22.

MarTech Discussion Club exists to bring the local MarTech and AdTech communities together to exchange ideas, experiences, and knowledge.

Our speakers Andriy Skotsyk, CMO of Ukrposhta, one of the biggest delivery services in Ukraine, and Daria Trokhina, Deputy CMO at Raketa, a food and groceries delivery company, talked about their MarTech stack strategy, key upcoming MarTech stack trends, marketing technologies for different industries, and shared tips on how to choose your own MarTech stack.

You can watch the full discussion on our YouTube channel at this link. Below are the main takeaways from the meetup.

Andriy Skotsyk described how Ukrposhta had built their MarTech stack from the ground up. Being one of the biggest delivery services in Ukraine, their marketing strategy entailed the use of both paid and in-house media solutions. Andriy emphasized the use of custom-built chat-bots for customer conversion.

Ukrposhta’s future MarTech strategy involves working with big data and implementing online polls. Seeing as Ukrposhta has an access to a large amount of first-party data, they seek to leverage it to provide better services to customers, including improved personalization.

For many startups companies, the issue of choosing the right MarTech stack is a pressing one. As someone who has worked in multiple startups, Daria recommends small companies to first assess marketing goals and understand that each level of the sales funnel has it’s MarTech tools.

The discussion touched upon the rise of AI and NLP in marketing technologies. However, both speakers have agreed that it’s too soon to talk about widespread use. AI is still not advanced enough to produce accurate and relevant results, but the promise is there.

Outlining the key trends for 2020-2021, it’s clear that MarTech is moving towards consolidation and companies are striving to provide an all-in-one solution. Besides that here are the trends to consider:

– Integrations and API. Andriy believes that everything should eventually work through API.

– Hyperpersonalization and omnichannel marketing.

– Strategy-first approach to MarTech stack. In Daria’s opinion, a strategy shouldn’t be the only goal. Companies should dedicate at least 20-30% of the budget for testing various technologies.

– AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data. However, for now, there aren’t yet any local companies that are able to fully utilize and leverage those technologies.

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