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Joint survey “State of technology in AdTech” is open

Posted on June 1, 2023
Survey Xenoss

In partnership with The Digital Voice, an AdTech B2B PR Agency, Xenoss is launching a survey on the state of tech trends in AdTech, dedicated to examining the impact of technology trends on the ecosystem.

Privacy regulations and post-pandemic global workforce trends have caused a tectonic shift in the way teams approach strategic and technical decisions. There’s a growing pressure to maximize the efficiency of data while keeping costs lean and reducing time-to-market.

The surge of interest in AI and machine learning pushes teams to build up their capabilities and deploy innovative algorithms in their offerings.

We are surveying AdTech vendors, brands, and publishers with in-house tech to explore the technical landscape of the ecosystem and share the approaches industry frontrunners use to create a continuous stream of AdTech innovation in a tight and data-scarce market.

Share your thoughts on technology in AdTech

Here are the key topics our survey will cover:

  • Impact of key tech trends on AdTech projects
  • Challenges AdTech vendors face in managing and collecting data and approaches for navigating the changing data landscape.
  • Infrastructure challenges and strategies AdTech teams are betting on
  • Impact and response to the economic downturn among AdTech vendors
  • Talent acquisition and management: the challenges and opportunities of building a high-performance workforce.

The survey aims to be a comprehensive reference point for those interested in under-the-hood technology in AdTech, its present roadblocks and future prospects.

It will give organizations a broader view of the market, supporting leaders in making informed infrastructure, team management, and other tech decisions.
AdTech vendors can contribute to the report by answering the questionnaire and sharing their comments on the tech challenges of the ecosystem. All comments will be featured in the report.

Link to the survey

The survey will be published in the summer of 2023. For updates and announcements, follow Xenoss on LinkedIn and Twitter.

We are grateful to all survey contributors for taking the time to fill in the questionnaire and share their opinions on the future of the AdTech industry. From here on, Xenoss will continue to consolidate and share industry know-how of the AdTech industry to make a meaningful impact on the ecosystem.