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DOU Recognizes Xenoss as Top IT Employer

Posted on February 6, 2023
Top IT employers 2022

Xenoss has been ranked among the Top IT employers by DOU. The list of leaders was сompiled based on a thorough analysis of the employees’ satisfaction.

DOU evaluated each company by collecting employees’ feedback. Their research placed Xenoss on the top software development companies list out of over 842 competitors. DOU conducts annual research and regularly updates market leader lists. 

About Rating 

DOU compiles the rating, which shows the attitude of employers toward the company where they work. Places are distributed according to the employees’ satisfaction with compensation, working conditions, project, loyalty to the company, etc. 

To compile the rankings, DOU offers IT specialists to fill out a questionnaire. Depending on the answer, each question is given a certain number of points, from 0 (completely disagree) to 6 (fully agree). DOU calculates the average value of all points scored to the employer and determines the company’s position in the list. According to the last annual ranking, Xenoss scores 99 out of 100. 

About Xenoss

Xenoss is a NY-based AdTech/MarTech lab. We build custom software for technology vendors, media, agencies, brands, and publishers, including Activision Blizzard, Verve Group, Smartly, Voodoo, Venatus, and others. The software delivered by the team is the tech basis of multi-billion dollar businesses and is used by well-established enterprises, including Nestlé, Adidas, Virgin, Uber, and HSBC. 

If you want to develop a new product, improve your existing platform, or overcome various technical challenges, contact us at