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Senior Cloud Database Engineer | Toshiba (Poland)

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Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is seeking a Senior Cloud Database Engineer to take ownership of database design and create and manage large databases on our Azure cloud infrastructure. This includes functional and technical design, capacity planning, reliability and availability, fault tolerance, automation, disaster recovery and failover, performance optimization, database deployment, and maintenance.

Responsibilities :

  • Researching the company’s technical requirements (all applications/products).
  • Designing and implementing data model and database schema, ensuring data elements are designed and built with security as its focus.
  • Setting data standards for operations, programming, and security.
  • Define and implement data retention and isolation policy with advanced knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases (SQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo, Mongo-Atlas, Cosmos-vCore).
  • Analytical and organizational skills to develop and implement databases for businesses.
  • Expertise in SaaS projects, Azure Control Plane, Azure Data Plane, and Application Plane.
  • Define and implement data retention and isolation policy on Cloud data lakes on Azure, such as Blob Store, Cosmos, etc., with audit, optimize, and write database scripts and commands.
  • Define Monitoring and reporting, Metrics object, Backup and recovery, Advanced User Management, Optimized Resource allocation and scaling, Advanced Security Management, and Define and implement GDPR data requirements.
  • Able to mentor software teams, helping with their design.
  • Advises and reviews technical designs, implementations, and tests across multiple small-to-medium projects or a large project.
  • Resolves complex technical challenges requiring a diverse domain and discipline knowledge scope.
  • Interfaces with internal & external teams to ensure alignment of deliverables.
  • Performs as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for at least one product line.
  • Mentor junior engineers, review code, and grow technical leadership skills across the organization. Conducts knowledge-sharing or training sessions.
  • Consult on and/or review release notes, test plans/cases, and functional specifications.

Required Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent experience.
  • 8+ minimum work experience.
  • 6+ years of Database experience, including Linux and cloud/enterprise content.
  • Proven leadership of a large team or multiple smaller teams.
  • Lead data design requirements and recommend the usage of appropriate database and database management technology. Lead data modeling and database design. Formulate choice points, identify requirements, and make recommendations.
  • Define standardization of usage and best practices, compliance (GDPR), and definition of backup and disaster recovery. Participate in database vendor selection, evaluation, installation, and proof-of-concept Provide guardrails for compliance, security, and integrity.

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