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Ready to use components

Application functionality that may be assembled quickly with existing components


Feature Description
Campaign management Ability to list campaigns, view campaign details, set up new campaigns or edit existing ones, start and pause ad campaigns.
Budget management Allows setting ad campaign budget, including allocation or limiting campaign budget on specific campaign items (e.g. creative, flights, etc), limiting amount of budget to be spent per hour/day or capping ad frequency display
to users.
Creatives Ability to upload, view and delete creatives, as well as view creatives’ details. Bulk uploads. Creative type: static images, JavaScript rich media ads, video ads.
Supply Integrations Integration with advertising traffic sources, e.g. ad exchanges, ad networks, social networks. Some ad exchanges may need additional functionality like “private marketplace” or “creative verification”.
Device Targeting Ability to target ad campaign by specific mobile device properties, e.g. device model, connection type, carrier, operating system.
Geographic Targeting Ability to target ad campaign by specific country, region, city.
Audience Targeting Ability to target ad campaigns by specific demographic or behavior audience segments, e.g. “Males 35+”, “Female from big cities with high income” or “Frequent strategy games player”
Day Parting Ability to target ad campaigns towards specific time slots, for example show ads just on Fridays between 3pm and 5 pm.
Media Planning Set of tools for evaluating traffic availability and potential costs for running specific ad campaign.
DMP Set of tools for collecting audience data and building audience segments for further targeting.
Automatic Campaign Optimization Tools to optimize campaign for better performance in automated way (little to no human actions needed) using predictive analysis algorithms.Includes bidding optimization, fraud detection.
Manual Campaign Optimization Set of tools for optimizing campaign performance in a manual way, e.g. setting whitelists and blacklists for specific publishers, targeting for specific time slots, mobile carriers, etc.
Tracking Tracking ad campaign events, e.g. impressions, clicks, installations and also in-app events such as purchases, social shares, etc.
Reporting & Analysis Set of tools for tracking day to day ad campaign status and analyzing its performance for further optimization.
Support Tools Set of tools for support team, allowing monitoring/troubleshooting ad campaigns and overall software/hardware infrastructure.
Data Collection Web SDK Collects user behaviour events on publisher side from browser and sends it to the tracking services.
Component Description
Bidding Cluster Process inbound RTB traffic and bids for bid requests
; parse bid requests
; select the campaigns whose targeting fits to inbound bid request
; logging.
Mission Control Central server that holds ad campaigns configuration, budgeting subsystem, and hosts Front End service.
Campaign Front End Logical service that implements User Interface for campaigns management.
Account Server The service for managing user permissions, and user actions authentication.
Logging Cluster Service that accomplishes logging of high-frequency traffic of funnel events – bids, impressions, clicks, actions.
 (Optimization Engine) Analyses campaign statistics for building prediction model, that forecasts user reaction on specific advertising contact. Being integrated into Bidder, enables optimize campaigns automatically, i.e. change campaign targeting
in a way to distribute budget towards most performing audience.
Aggregator Generates aggregated statistics of user segments by multiple metrics. Using for media planning and reporting purposes.
Reporter Slice-and-dice (OLAP) capable, scalable reporting component with REST API access. Used for analytics UI, reporting data exports, etc.
DMP/Profile Builder Builds audience profiles from raw user behavioural statistics (views, clicks, actions) for following segment building process.
DMP/Segment Builder Builds audience segments by analysing user profiles.
DMP/Real-time Audience DB Cluster Real-time audience database that extracts audience profiles for analysis when making bidding decision.
Health Monitoring System System that tracks correctness of operations of all components of the platform.
Real-time Anti-Fraud ML based system that makes heuristic analysis of bid requests to make probabilistic decision on whether particular bid request is generated by bot.

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