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Senior Java Engineer | Performance marketing platform

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— Professional Java experience 5+ years
— OOP/design patterns proficiency
— Experience building complex systems
— Scrum-based teamwork
— SQL/NoSQL database experience
— MongoDB experience
— Familiar with AWS EC2
— Advanced Linux user
— Docker/Kubernetes experience
— Good spoken and written English

Will be a plus:

— Familiarity with Adtech ecosystem is a big plus!
— Familiarity with Aerospike
— Familiarity with Clickhouse
— Devops-related experience

What we offer:

— Teams of people who love programming
— Complex technical challenges with big data/AI/high load
— Freedom to make your own engineering decisions and broad space for creativity
— Modern technology stack to work with
— Work remotely or from the office options on a flexible schedule
— Long-lasting projects
— Financial compensation for professional events and education
— Opportunity to choose the equipment you like
— Above-market compensation



You’ll be working in a team of qualified developers building the platform for mobile apps and games advertising. Working out a million requests per second and petabytes of data monthly to find the best audiences to advertise to.
You’ll be starting the new project under the advisory of Xenoss architects aiming to build the solution using state-of-the-art approaches in the high-performance systems area.
No legacy, just building a great new thing.


The market problem project solves is reaching the right audiences with the right communication in order to show ads only to the users that will be interested in the product advertised. Building the quality software for that goal is still a challenge for the industry: advertisers should only pay for effective ads and users should see no spam.
Using modern data science and big data processing the project will be finding the right audiences in order to achieve the goal of showing mobile games/apps advertising to the people who might like it. The project will be handling the petabytes of data and about 1 million requests per second. The project itself is a true high-tech that will let you open your potential as a software developer, will teach you to build solutions that deal with an extreme load effective way, and will give you the unique experience that will allow you to grow as an engineer.



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